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MINI Challenge - Round 1 - Oulton Park (LIVE)

Misc THE STIG Suit Top Gear 1.1

THE STIG Suit Top Gear

  1. the file of the helmet did you get them from my previous post from the site of race trim?
  2. my version is before you and I posted a long time ago on the site of race trim
  3. and it is a different version of the stig since there are so many types of the stig
  4. and then I have the original psd file of the helmet and all files the suit of the the stig. So you already have already done something that I have done before but in a different version.
  5. My helmet was created off the blank template and gloves and suit created from scratch. The glass is identical god knows where thats from. I've created a TopGear car for stig of which he is included.
    More than one Stig can exist, yours can be the Ben Collins one...lol
  6. then we both did a great work of reproducing the stig suit XD
  7. I downloaded your the stig suit and I found my file DRIVER_Gloves_NM.dds my glove the stig. And by analyzing the file HELMET_2012_Glass.dds the glass color of the helmet of the stig is perfectly the same as mine also RGB hex code, just change the black stripe above the glass
    I know Explain why there are my files in your zip? since the file does not match your file DRIVER_Gloves_NM.dds DRIVER_Gloves.dds?
  8. The templates will all have the same hex code, no matter what you do to them. The suit, gloves, and helmet are completely different. I downloaded yours and I have never seen that suit before.
  9. my file DRIVER_Gloves_NM.dds and your DRIVER_Gloves_NM.dds are identical.

    and is a file of my DRIVER_Gloves_NM.dds stig has been created from scratch.

    DRIVER_Gloves.dds your texture file and the template file 3d DRIVER_Gloves_NM.dds not coincide.
  10. My files, DRIVER_Gloves.dds and DRIVER_Gloves_NM.dds Stig gloves.jpg : Stig gloves_NM.jpg
    Your Files, DRIVER_Gloves.dds and DRIVER_Gloves_NM.dds:
    DRIVER_Gloves 2.jpg DRIVER_Gloves_NM 2.jpg
    Kunos original File: DRIVER_Gloves_NM.dds DRIVER_Gloves_NM_67 copy.jpg
    now you see the difference?
  11. hex code # 000000 is standard or an alpha channel, not # 181c9c
  12. my HELMET_2012_Glass.dds:
    stig glass.jpg

    your HELMET_2012_Glass.dds: HELMET_2012_Glass.jpg

    are identical except for the black stripe.

    Original kunos HELMET_2012_Glass.dds:
  13. the mod is free but not free to take files of other modders to then define its own.
    I admire the work you've done with the suit of the stig, but if you need to create texture, you have to create files with suffix nm to match the texure created.
  14. however, do your best to create other beautiful mod

    bye =)
  15. You did not create this
    Someone, don't know who painted over it, you then painted over it yourself to create this
    I have not deliberately taken a texture that you may have used before. All my projects have been for my personal use and enjoyment. I decided to share and people have enjoyed my work. I can if you like easily create another base layer from scratch or use kunos original and re-paste my paint job over the top. Or I can simply remove Stig or any other post that might have overpainted something that someone before may have used.
  16. My work in no way is detracting from yours Or evenly remotely looks like yours.
  17. I know
    but I speak not of the file nm suits, in fact I have not mentioned
  18. but you do not have to remove your work, rather you have to share all co
    I've only done this that I found most of my files in your zip file