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The Sheep

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Davin.Rizuki, Apr 12, 2014.

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  1. Welcome to The Sheep
    The most famous forum game that also played in several forums, now available to play here at RaceDepartment forum.

    How do I play?
    If you had played this game before somewhere you may know the rules, but as this is the new game in here I'll explain every pieces of it.

    It's pretty easy though. I'll give you a category and questions here and you should give me answers from those questions that you think is popular, that will be count as one point and more if everyone else give same answers for each questions.


    'Mention a F1 driver that become F1 champion 3 times'

    The answers given may break down like this: (Names are fictional, but the format is real)

    Ayrton Senna: 7
    Mike Hawthron
    Ollie Jedinak
    Frans Steiner
    Peter Brockerman

    Nelson Piquet: 4
    Rodrick Anabe
    James Packard
    Adrian Summer

    Niki Lauda: 3
    Victor Allideria
    Kimmy D Dee

    brabhamann: Jack Brabham
    Ted Wurth: Jackie Stewart

    So everyone that answers Ayrton Senna will score 7 pts, Nelson Piquest 4 pts, Niki Lauda 3 pts, and Aces (An answer with only one answerer) will score only 1 point. [This is for Normal Sheep, since this format doesn't exist here]

    Some answers may be contentious, but doesn't matter. There are no incorrect and correct answers (even some of you answers incorrectly :roflmao:), but there are popular and unpopular ones. Even obscure answers could bring you BONUS points, depend on how many general answers thrown.

    There'll be also multiplier in some questions, so points from every answers will be multiplied by value typed beside questions. Bonus points aren't counted.

    You could write answers in every format, as long as it properly ordered. And you must post it by PM only, and answers of all questions must be posted in maximum two posts otherwise it'll be considered final answers and cannot be added or changed.
    All answers from all matches must be posted at one conversation.

    Each games has a deadline to post answers, so hurry up or you'll miss a game.

    RD Sheep League and Scoring
    The season contains eight games, it's up to the season's moderator how long it will take to complete a season. There are two types of games, Dark Sheep and False Normal Sheep. Dark Sheep will give you more points for obscure answers, while False Normal Sheep for the 2nd obvious ones. The first obvious answers? 0 points! It's up to the moderator too, to determine how many Normal and Dark Sheep games will be in one season.

    Every end of the game, points awarded based on following finishing positions:

    1st - 25
    2nd - 18
    3rd - 15
    4th - 12
    5th - 10
    6th - 8
    7th - 6
    8th - 4
    9th - 3
    10th - 2
    The rest - 1

    If two or more people tied in several positions, they will gain the same points. Example, if we have 2 people tied in 2nd means both of them will gain 20 points, 4 people in 7th means all 4 will gain 8 points.

    Different case at the end of the season. If there's a tie at final season standings, number of wins, 2nd places, 3rd places, etc will decide.

    For existing contestant, you could skip a game or more, but this will reduce your chance of winning the league.
    For someone who would like to join, please let me know. I don't mind if you play only one game, participation is important here.

    RD Sheep Cup and Scoring
    For cup format, it will be groups of 4 contestants. The top 2 from each groups and ... highest scoring 3rd will advance to the next round.

    Note that one moderator could moderate more than one season, so get ready if we ran out of people that interested to moderate the ex-moderator will be moderating again in certain seasons.

    If you're running the next season, be sure to copy this. :D

    Now who wants to join?
    Last edited: May 1, 2014
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  2. Contestants List
    Milos Ancevski
    Manolis Sigoulakis
    Alexander Macdonald
    Ben Herbert
    Omer Said
    Florin Diaconescu
    Joel Rautavaara
    Gerald Chinoy
    Tapio Rinneaho
    Sebastien Levret
    Steven Poirier

    Games Winners
    Game 0A: Normal Sheep (Theme: Formula 1)
    1st Alexander Macdonald - 66 pts
    2nd Ben Herbert - 65 pts
    3rd 2 people - 63 pts
    Florin Diaconescu

    Game 0B: Dark Sheep (Theme: Football/Soccer)
    1st Steven Poirier - 63 pts
    2nd 3 people - 60 pts
    Rami Saidy
    Ben Herbert
    5th 2 people - 56 pts
    Sebastien Levret


    Game 0C: False Normal Sheep (Theme: Geography - By Jimlaad43)
    1st 2 people - 10 pts
    Ben Herbert
    Joel Rautavaara
    3rd Steven Poirier - 9 pts
    4th 2 people - 8 pts

    Sebastien Levret
    Tapio Rinneaho

    Cup Group Stage Draw
    -- Soon --
    Last edited: May 1, 2014
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  3. Benutzername

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  4. Milos

    Had things gone my way, who knows..

    in of course (my idea :p)
    And since it is my idea, I wanna moderate season 2
  5. Yeah and you will.. For season 3 it could be you or me (since this game allows multi-season moderating per person) or someone else..
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  6. Milos

    Had things gone my way, who knows..

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  7. Milos

    Had things gone my way, who knows..

  8. Hmm.. So that didn't worked..
    I'll try PM method.
  9. the_sigman

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  10. Ah! You're in, updated..
    Could you help me invite someone else to this forum game since you're in?
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  11. Maybe i can try to moderate season 3
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  12. Milos

    Had things gone my way, who knows..

    We need minimum 20 people, please guys ;)
  13. Milos

    Had things gone my way, who knows..

    We'll see that when the season 2 ends ;)
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  14. Ok
  15. in
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