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Released THE RIDGE MOTORSPORT - Shelton, Wa

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Kyle Murphy, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. The Ridge Motorsport Park in Shelton, Washington is a new racing complex that just recently opened to the public this last March.

    I'm currently working on the track for rFactor which is about 30% complete.

    Checkout the real track here:


    Here's a vid of me trying it out for the first time: (yea, I'm slow!)
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  2. Nice! I'm wondering though, from the track's website it looks very much like an RFactor version in BTB was already made... Notice the screenshots? :giggle:
  3. It looks a little like rFactor, but not quite.

    I'm about 60% complete with this track and moving quickly. Although it's the last 20% of detail stuff that slows you down. Scenery, A.I. race line flow.... cameras etc... ugh.

    I'll try to get some screenshots up tonight so you can see where I'm at with it. A few trees are "planted" and still working on the ground contour.
  4. Current screenshots as of today: (Track is about 60% complete...that's being optimistic!)

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  5. omg i want to play this track so badly
  6. I am the one who created the Ridge Motorsports Park model you speak of. It was modeled in BTB but sadly was simply a 3d render of the concept drawings used to show what the finished product will look like. It is not something to be driven on, in any way. It was also lost when my old hard drive went out so I have no way to access it anymore :( . I am also an instructor for Ridge Racing School and would be happy to assist in any way possible. I have spent dozens of days at that track and am very familiar with it.
  7. Hi Kyle - any chance of publishing somewhere the work you've gotten done on this already? I too am familiar with the track and would be happy to do a bit of work on it.
  8. Any chance this will be done before friday? :)
  9. Any chance this will ever be done? :(
  10. Admittedly, I've been busy with iRacing. I still have rFactor and BTB as well as The Ridge track on my hard drive. I'll dust off the file and take a look at it tonight. The track surface is pretty close but there are a few things that still need to be tweaked: Elevation exaggeration and smoothing at the "corkscrew". Not sure how well that will go... elevation part is much easier to fix. The real major obstacle is the scenery. The trees are being a pain in the ass. If anyone would like to take a stab at this, I'd be happy to send you the files. I have a Dropbox account that should be able to handle it. I'll try to get something uploaded via a public Dropbox link tonight so you guys can check out the current progress.

  11. Dude, you're late! ;)

    Would love to take a spin on the Virtual Ridge. Hook it up when you can!
  12. Here's the link to The Ridge. Version .7b

    It's drive-able but still a bit rough looking. The AI drive line needs work too.

    I just upgrade to BTB 9.x from version 8x. Now that everything is up to date I'll see what I can do to finish this one. The real Ridge is actually pretty sparse on buildings and details just like in this version. It's mostly trees, corner worker buildings and ARMCO's.
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  13. Update - v.75b

    Just to show the direction of going... Still have some detail stuff to work out. Track surface, scenery... a little bit of everything.


    The next 'update' should be the finished product.
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  14. Thanks Kyle. Awesome stuff!
  15. Thanks Kyle. Appreciate your hard work.
  16. wow amazing work. Most of the turns are pretty dead on. I would say the corkscrew can get some adjustments, but everything else is just spot on!
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  17. You know a track is going to be good when it looks "pretty" even inside the BTB viewer.
  18. RELEASED: The Ridge Motorsport Park, v1.0:


    Not perfect, still room for improvement. I really need to work on the AIW.
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  19. Hey man, the download link is dead, could you reupload it please? I'm local to this track and would love to run it.