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Skins The Retro Project: Gold Leaf Lotus Ford 1969 1.0

The RETRO PROJECT: Gold Leaf Lotus Ford 1969

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  1. Wow,awesome,thank you for all your fine skins.:cool:
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  2. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?


    Try using original game files for your work. Not good using another modders files as a base for your work.
  3. What is your problem?
    You have me give the wireframes?
    I used my own books, recherches, sketches and logos for my works.
    The original cars from the games i have long not more.
    Is it possible, i have the carbon files from a car from you - i have no idea,: is this from you or from the originsl game files?
  4. And: all can used my cars - i have they made for all users, they can not creating skins.
    Me is egal, when everybody they used - in tiles or complete.
    Thanks for your help and excus me - i want not trouble with you.
  5. Hallo ML2166!

    I have now the situation controlled:
    you have right: the ground of my ferrari based cars are your fine Ferrari skin,

    I`ve been opinion, you used the original high version of the ferrari original from the game for your new carskin - especially the carbon-areas.

    I know it now: the original is against your skin very badly!
    but mind, i have all colour areas self designed -only the carbon areas are from you.
    also the small parts i have new designed.

    Please excuse me that.
    clumsy me.
    I didn`t mean you.

    Can i used still your work - please?
    If its not possible, then its not possible.
    than delete i my cars with your carbon areas from this platform.

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  6. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    No it's fine.

    Was just a heads up really.

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  7. Thanks for your fair reaction!
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