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The real driving view, some evidence

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Warren Dawes, May 30, 2007.

  1. As the debate is still raging about the driving view in RACE, I thought that since my wife drives a Honda Euro, I was in a position to take a comparison to the real thing, and that it might be worth sharing.
    Even though I'm convinced that the passion in the driving view thread is less about realism and more about perceived competitive advantages, by both sides of the debate (why else would people be pushing so hard for the rules to be set), the following pictures make some comparisons to provide a bit more insight into the realism part of the debate.

    Picture 1 is from our Honda, with the driving position where I sit, and the camera held against my eye.


    Picture 2 is a screen shot from the Honda, with the driving position about the middle of available locations, but I tried to go back only far enough to see the mirrors properly. I adjusted the visual options in line with those recommended by others to maximise the frame rate (ie. turned off steering wheel etc)

    Picture 3 is another screen shot using my preferred bonnet view, ie. with the camera as far back as possible.

    I'll make no comments as everyone will interprtet things differently.
    Just thought you might find this interesting.

    PS: I couldn't take the real Honda to Oschersleben for direct comparison as my wife wouldn't let me (bit far from Oz).
  2. Very offtopic......but hey what a nice garden you got there Warren
  3. Am I right that you are comparing the driver view in RACE with the real life driver view, Warren? :)
    If so: I think that the driving view in RACE is not quite realistic :) but hey, just my opinion :)
  4. yepp, exactly that is the point here
    but you cant get it really perfectly modelled, since then you will not see the in-car mirror. Also in the real life pic you dont see it if you look at it, but in real life you have the possibility to move your head.... lol
  5. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    for moving your head maybe we should get a grip on Track IR :) then you can move your head and see everything (but how to see the monitor when your head is turned 180 degrees?:)

    btw, nice pictures to make your point more firm! btw does you wife drive 260 with her honda? put her on monza then :)
  6. [qoute]I'm convinced that the passion in the driving view thread is less about realism and more about perceived competitive advantages, by both sides of the debate (why else would people be pushing so hard for the rules to be set),[/qoute]

    not really , i just dont enjoy the covkpitview... i like it more with my view right ont he road.. somehow i get more "feedback of what the car does "feeling. like in reallity the seat of your pants does :p , and in a tight pack its easier to judge the distance between you and the car infornt..
  7. Huh where´s your steer at picture 2??
  8. hey Warren! someone broke your car. you have the wheel on wrong side :):):)

    and don't you have miles instead of kilometers in australia?
  9. @szefo No, we use Kms here
    @pure I noted in the thread that I removed the steering wheel as per advice from others that this is recommended to improve the fps
    @Neo, Stig, and MrMystic You got my point exactly. Unfortunately, it's all about compromise, total reality in this situation is almost impossible, and not everybody can afford Track IR which would get much closer.
    @Shivan Thats also my preference
    @Vopee Yea, were very lucky here in OZ

    and finally @Stig, She's actually a bigger lead foot than me. You should see what she does in my Mini :eek:
  10. with the car, or with you.....? :)
  11. LOOOLY :D :)
  12. LOL Neo. :D
    At our age if only. I might drop a hint and see what happens.:rolleyes:
  13. Loooooooooool
  14. Do you need one??

    A common! you can do it :)
  15. First off, I think it is an unfair test. You have taken a picture of the RIGHT hand side of YOUR car, but of course in the game, the Honda driving seat is on the left. :)

    Unfair test I think. :)
  16. You are at least able to move the seat forward, Warren.

    You should have done it to compare both views fairly.

    A civil car hasn't got a roll-cage, thats what blocks pretty much
    of view in the race cars (at least in my 407 :)).

    Do you have racing seats in your Honda?
    If not, you are sitting about 5-7cm higher than in a racing seat.

    But nice posting :)

  17. I think we are too much down to the details here, in my opinion you will never be able to re-create the real driving position-view in a simulator.

    And who is preferring what to drive in at the end is not a question of professionalism or noobism for me, but personal preference. :)
  18. @Lars: In the game your abel to move your seat up and down, front and back :) try it :) use the mousebuttons :)
  19. WOOFER,
    That's why i reminded Warren to use it :p
    The position he posted of RACE isn't even half as close to the steering wheel as the real life footage.

    it's surely not possible to simulate the cockpitview as in real life.
    But one can surely find the best compromise to it ;)
    Warren failed to do :D

  20. hahaha.... Can you do better :) show us :) But i would like to see the real view in a ..... in a .... euh.. Whatevere you wanna show us :D