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The Presidency Of Barack H Obama : Fall Of The Republic

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Daniel Plaikner, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. What are you thinking of it ?

    I think its a good documentation showing very good, with a lot of facts, how much bull**** politician are talking nowadays

    You see all the promises he made before and the hard facts after he was elected LOOOL

    Obama just a puppet ? But who is then the puppet player ?
  2. it was clear what he could do or had to do with the bullcrap GWB has left for him
    so i think no he does pretty well but politicans at all specialy our germans need to get
    shoot to the moon without a can of air
  3. there has been many of this type of documentary that all it does is confuse you. (same as the true meaning of 9/11, etc...it gets to a point that of madness)
    all i think Obama might be doing a good job, but has many many road blocks in front of him (Democrats stopping certain bills etc).

    But in the end politics will be politics, a lot of talk and no actions
  4. thats easy its the "illuminati" :smile:
  5. lmao Nigel :)
  6. Can we send the italians ones too on that trip ? lol we have a mafioso on the top controlling 90% of the media

    The banksters in my eyes hehe
    If you controll the money you controll all, because you can simply hire politicians ^^

    The german version of the doku went online on YouTube a few days ago and its very interesting that YouTube is faking the views count and the rating count ^^

  7. Berlusconi ?? for sure for him we have a extra space :) if i see tv news i barly can belife he is still in charge down in italy
    but oh well he probaly is realy a mafiosi no way he could stick on the top that long without beeing one