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The Porsche payware mods - Any opinions on them?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Billy Pilgrim, Jun 4, 2015.

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  1. Hi
    I recently found out about the $6 Porsche payware mods.

    Anyone here installed them? What do you think? Is the physics good?
  2. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Don't ever waste your money on them. It's a scam.

    They sell illegally ripped models from Forza and Need for Speed, give them horrible physics and then have the audacity to actually charge money for them. I've never even considered buying one, and I hope everyone else avoids them like the plague.

    I truly hope the person(s) running that organisation get a knock on the door from the authorities, it's what they deserve.
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  3. they are good, physics are good, sounds are pretty standard, models are insanely good, performance isnt too great though due to the high poly models. i brought them all.
  4. pretty enlighten me on a game that has the gt3, gt3 rs, cayman gt4, turbo s with 400k models. stop stereotyping paymods, not all of them are bad.
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  5. try the free demo car, & if you like it pick one model (other than the 918, of the ones i have its the only one i wouldnt recommend, im not sure why but its an absolute chore at low speeds), give it a try. personally i think $6 is bit too pricey but if thats working for him, it doesnt justify robbing him for the cars hes providing. ive bought several, i can say for sure the guy actually cares, is a porsche fanatic, updates the mods etc. at least one model was just updated today in fact, so its not just as needed fixes, if he gets new data etc, he'll use that.

    ive already debated the ethics of it at length over on the AC board so count me out of that one. but yeah, theres a demo car for a reason & theyre not nonsense physics & data where youll just be out six bucks if you buy one. plus as said the models are excellent.
  6. The only demo cars I see are AM Vanquish or a Maserati. Is that what you're talking about?
  7. If I was to get just two which would you recommend?
  8. This article at PretendRaceCars contradicts your point
  9. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    I'm not talking about payware mods in general, I'm talking about these specific ones that comes from websites like Sim Dream Development.

    Whilst I don't totally agree with the ethics of modding teams like URD, they do produce very very high quality mods. Whether you want to pay for them is up to you, and they're probably worth the money, they're that good.

    But, the "modders" (as generous as I could be) who are behind such sites like Sim Dream are purely just criminals who are trying to make a quick buck off of unsuspecting and largely ignorant sim racers who don't know any better.
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  10. honestly, i have no idea :/ -- i think ive tried them both but i actually bought one first myself, bc im terribly impulsive like that, & so far ive only really driven the porsches. iirc they were both last updated around the same time, so they should be of like quality.
  11. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    All of them that are commercially using licensed material and trademarks without approval are bad. There is no way to justify it as it's illegal.
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  12. I got all the Porsches. I didn't like the 991 Cabriolet at all. I thought I'd like the Caymans; I'm sure I'd like one in real life, but they're just not fast enough to be all that much fun in AC. I like the 918, and I really like the 911 GT2 RS.
    Here are videos of a lap in the GT2 RS at Imola with no traction or stability control:
    TV view:

    Driver's view: https://vimeo.com/127931174
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2015
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  13. Try again.

    Yes they are ripped models, but it's downright impressive where the guy got them from, and how he ripped them.
  14. I've driven Gran Turismo, Vanquish, 944 and Cayman GTS... The difference is that the guy who is making them is not sitting 2h on physics, like all those russian rips, but 2 days.
    It's nowhere near quality mods, not even mentioning Kunos' cars. Especially in terms of physics.
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  15. I tried out a demo. It costs too much fps.
  16. A bank robbery is impressive, still illegal
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  17. There's nothing to be impressed by ripping other people's work. Nothing at all.
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  18. From what I understand, the guy found a way to rip them from Porsche's official browser-based virtual car designer that you use when actually purchasing one of the high-end Porsche models, as the program relies heavily on your video card. The wizardry involved in getting the models from this online app is nothing short of spectacular, and in short you're essentially paying for official 3D models. Even though it's still legally questionable, I'd say that's a pretty big upgrade from Forza/NFS rips that are sold for like $20 a piece.

    I do not agree with payware mods as I've been around this scene long enough to remember when people did it for the love of the game and weren't greedy enough to charge for mods. The first page of GTR 2 mods on NoGrip would cost you $250 (and all 15 pages would be $3000+) if everything was priced at a "reasonable" $10 so if this is the future y'all want, take a look at RaceRoom or SimRaceway and tell me how "reasonable pricing" worked out for them.

    As for the cars themselves, there were too many setup options for a street car and the physics need work. Even the modern 997 that I tried while we were researching the article drove more like an 80's Yellowbird and that was pretty disappointing.
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  19. Aidan Keranen

    Aidan Keranen
    Play by Play LoL+RL Caster at AussieGamingTV Premium

    Mate, you can't even find a word to replace 'ripped'
    In my books, in the sim racing community, ripped=stolen. The fact you're trying to stand up for them by saying: "The way they've stolen the models is pretty spectacular" doesn't go down well for me.
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  20. Good luck on your crusade to save the video game modding scenes, I'll be enjoying my floaty Porsche's in the meantime.
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