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The Pits, & rules for Stop/Go penalty

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Don Fleming, Aug 30, 2009.

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  1. Not finding details in Game manual, just got burned by one a these in Server race. To serve Stop/Go penalty:
    -Must stop in Pit Box (or is anywhere in pit lane? If pit box, can reset pit options to Not Fuel, repair, etc for this??
    -As for pitting, does requesting a pit stop before entering pits make pit stop faster than when not requesting?

    thx racers
  2. Stop go you just go to your pit box and sit there till it lets you go and you have 3 flying laps to go in and compete it. If you are serving one when you wont get fuel or tyres as the pit crew arn't allow to work on car.

    Requesting a pit stop is quicker than not requesting it.
  3. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Don't forget you can also have a drive-thru, when that happens you don't need to stop in the red box otherwise the game will make it a pit stop and the penalty stays for the next lap :D
  4. Thanks, that helps a lot.
    Still, I admit today I had to Stop/Go and carefully set my stop to No Fuel, No Tires, No Damage Repair (on HUD) on in lap before pitting. I pull in my box and am told 30+ seconds to do all the above. It was a sprint race, I had no need for those. Maybe the darn settings reset before I went in (or maybe my speeding in that time reset it cause I think I forgot pit speed limiter that time)??
    - I can drive pretty good, but geeze can't pit so well(!)

  5. lol i got caught out by that, i kept trying to do a S&G but the penalty turned out to be a drive through. the thing to look for when you get a penalty warning is in the pit menu it will say "S&G not applicable" or something like that.
  6. But you can simply look at the penalty flag in the upper left corner of your screen. ;) You might have to enable this in the PLR, I think.
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