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Misc The Mist 1.3b

Alternative smoke mod incl. grass/dust, pieces and new texture for Drift or Racing

  1. Zink submitted a new resource:

    The Mist (Smoke Mod incl. grass/dust, pieces and new texture) - alternative smoke

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  2. Which tyre_smoke_grass.ini do i install?
  3. First you got to download the version 1.0 from Version History or by clicking this Download link.
    Then you have to download the update and replace the old tyre_smoke_grass.ini that you find in the Universal files for grass, pieces and the texture folder with the new one in the same folder.

    Files in default folder are just a backup of the original files if you want to restore them.

    A bit tricky, actually… better uploading a fully updated version rather than just the updated files.
  4. double post
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  5. Zink updated The Mist with a new update entry:

    Complete v1.1

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  6. Oh, hi, yeah, my bad xD
    I'm relatively new to RD, or merely uploading. In hindsight, it became clear to me. And thanks for answering him. I've never looked in here before.

    Sorry about those inconveniences
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  7. No problem at all.
    Thanks for this mod, i'm a happy user. ;)
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  8. Zink updated The Mist with a new update entry:

    small update for pp-filter users

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  9. With the previous version, grass smoke is black for me, too. Will check this last version asap.
    At first sight i thought "omg! Engine black smoke over there?" :D
  10. I don't understand that. That is virtually impossible with the config files in this pack. The color is defined by the color_base values and those would have to be very low to turn out black. I've used the 1.1 version to adjust for pp-filters (which means i've loaded it up like a million times) as it makes it darker than in my preview pics, but nowhere near black.
  11. Maybe because i'm running sli. Or maybe because i lowered the exposure due to the extra brightness issue. I don't know… I'll try with default values to see what happens.
  12. So it happens with 1.1b too? Do me a favor and try it with the default texture, please.
  13. Didn't tried this version yet! I'll let you know though.
  14. Hi, i've got same issue, first versions worked fine, then one of your updates seems to have made it black for me (PP on)

    Tried all the latest versions including 1.1b and tried with default texture, still same black / dark smoke


    Edit: Also, the grass is even darker, like black black engine smoke.
  15. Screenshot_bmw_m3_e30_drift_drift_25-1-116-21-23-2.jpg Grass

    NO SLI and this is with custom PP set, however same issue exists on Kunos PP aswell.
  16. I believe you, but i'm sorry, i have no idea what could cause this. It doesn't make sense as i've never even touched the color values before 1.1b and no other parameter has an effect on it (except for emissive blend which creates sorts of a horizontal gradient)
    How does it look when you start without pp (regardless of which config as it would be at most brown for the grass)?

    PS: and as i understand, v1.0, which can still be downloaded from the history, does work?
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  17. Very strange, actually.
    Initially thought the texture transparency was the problem… but it's not apparently.
    Maybe this could help you: removing pieces_grass and tyre_grass (or whatever are called) gives you "the right" cyan smoke. But it remains the same when you go on grass. I didn't try to isolate one file at a time, but the problem should reside in one of these files.
  18. This would be up to you, as I can't reproduce it, cause this literally never happened ever on my machine. Does 1.0 work for you, pikaman?
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  19. Ok, found the culprit !!

    Pikaman, Dave, or anyone who has experienced the same problem, do you use the Natural Graphics mod by any chance? Apparently the [AMBIENT] and [SUN] values in the colorCurves file, cause the discoloring. But there's a fix. Unfortunately emissive_blend in the smoke_grass file has to be changed from 1.1 to 1.0. With the default Kunos Weather this will paint a gradient and creates the illusion of shadows in certain angles (due to the texture overlapping). For some reason, it doesn't work with modified color_curves.

    As for the COLOR_BASE values:
    tyre_smoke.ini can be changed by from 1.17 to 3.17 (with pp filter config) The 'without PP filter' seems to be uneffected anyway.

    As for the smoke_grass.ini, this should do the trick for now: COLOR_BASE=1.9,1.6,1.3
    I'll do some testing over the next few days and will update with another version as i found a good little improvement, in terms of randomness, in the tarmac smoke, anyway.

    Let me know how that works out for you or what weather mods you use.
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