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The Gran Turismo 5 Hot Lap Challenge

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Kevin Watts, Nov 22, 2010.

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    The Gran Turismo 5 Hot Lap Challenge

    Welcome to the RaceDepartment Gran Turismo 5 Hot Lap Challenge. All you need to take part is a Playstation 3, a copy of Gran Turismo 5 and the desire to test your skills each week against your fellow RaceDepartment members.​

    The format is simple, each week a car and track will be chosen to run hot laps. Starting Saturday 12pm GMT and finishing the following Saturday 12pm GMT you will be invited to submit your lap times for that challenge. Once the challenge deadline is met the the next track and car is chosen, this choice will alternate each week between the fastest driver and slowest driver, if no choice is made before 12PM GMT on Sunday the challenge organiser will make the choice.

    To take part start up GT5 and select 'Arcade Mode' and then select 'Time Trial'. You will then select the track chosen for that weeks challenge and then the car. The car and track selection for each week will be listed below. Once you have done that you will be prompted to set the driving options. We will used a fixed format for each week which will be:​

    Transmission - Manual
    Front Tyres - Racing: Soft (Unless otherwise specified)
    Rear Tyres - Racing: Soft (Unless otherwise specified)
    Driving Line - OFF
    Traction Control - OFF
    Skid Recovery Force - OFF
    Active Steering - OFF
    Active Stability Management (ASM) - OFF
    ABS - 1
    Grip Reduction On Wet Track/Track Edge - REAL​

    Once you've selected that you can then start hot lapping. There are no tuning options so everyone runs the same setup. ​

    GT5 will invalidate laps where the track is cut to gain an advantage, times shown in red in GT5 are invalid and will not count in this competition. To make it fair and competitive please don't cut the track or abuse the run off area's to gain an advantage, at least half the car should be on the track at all times and on street tracks don't use the barriers to give you an unfair advantage, the idea of the hot lap challenges is to run clean laps in the fastest time possible.​

    Good luck and above all have fun!​

    Challenge 1: Suzuki Swift Sport '07 at The Top Gear Test Track
    Deadline: 04-12-2010, 12 pm GMT
    1: Cristian Haba/HTrio 1'23.563
    2: Chris Butcher/ChrisButchie 1'23.777
    3: Paulus Kampert/Ternauwies 1'24.333
    4: Ramon van Rijn/Ventilatorman 1'24.841
    5: Des Foley/GTP_Dessy 1'24.983
    6: Craig Morrison/Muttz-Nexus 1'25.909
    7: Bram Hengeveld/RD-Bram 1'25.999
    8: Ramon Alonso/redmercurypr 1'26.030
    9: Fredo/fredo123f1 1'26.066
    10: Osprey73/? 1'26.182
    11: Kevin Watts/RevvinUK 1'26.356
    12: Daniel Higgins/Higgi91 1'26.804
    13: FerrariMan96/SimRacer007 1'26.999
    14: Destiny004/Destiy004 1'27.339
    15: Rudra Chattopadhyay/rac260565 1'27.430

    Challenge 2: Calsonic Impul '08 at Laguna Seca dry
    Deadline: 11-12-2010, 12 pm GMT
    1: Cristian Haba/HTrio 1'18.496
    2: Peter Duivelaar/? 1'18.923
    3: Ben Buitendijk/Ben797 1'19.119
    4: Ghoults/? 1'19.153
    5: Player360/xXJojjeXx 1'19.599
    6: FerrariMan96/SimRacer007 1'20.702
    7: Ramon van Rijn/Ventilatorman 1'20.917
    8: Fredo/fredo123f1 1'22.048
    9: Rudra Chattopadhyay/rac260565 1'22.363
    10: Kevin Watts/RevvinUK 1'23.301

    Challenge 3: Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG '10 at Nurburgring GP/F
    Deadline: 18-12-2010, 12 pm GMT
    1: Player360/xXJojjeXx 1'59.193
    2: FerrariMan96/SimRacer007 2'00.059
    3: Rudra Chattopadhyay/rac260565 2'02.944

    Challenge 4: Citroen C4 WRC '08 (Dirt tyres) at Toscana changing time
    Deadline: 25-12-2010, 12 pm GMT
    1: Paulus Kampert/Ternauwies 1'47.348
    2: Ben Buitendijk/Ben797 1'52.999
    3: Rudra Chattopadhyay/rac260565 1'59.384
    4: Kevin Watts/RevvinUK 2'00.414

    Challenge 5: Castrol Tom's Supra '97 at Autodromo Nazionale Monza (Sunny)
    Deadline: 08-01-2011, 12 pm GMT
    1: Cristian Haba/HTrio 1'43.903
    2: Player360/xXJojjeXx 1'44.786
    3: Markus Hakamo/markushakamo 1'47.141

    Challenge 6: McLaren MP4-12C '10 at Suzuka Circuit
    Deadline: 15-01-2011, 12 pm GMT
    1: Player360/xXJojjeXx 2'00.267
    2: Oli Peacock/olliekart 2'01.914
    3: Markus Hakamo/markushakamo 2'03.208

    Challenge 7: Nissan GT-R '07 at Nurburgring Nordschleife
    Deadline: 22-01-2011, 12 pm GMT
    1: Player360/xXJojjeXx 6'50.196
    2: Andrew Slade/? 7'33.656
    3: N/A

    Challenge 8: TBA
    Deadline: 29-01-2011, 12 pm GMT
  3. Will the challenge be run through Arcade mode or through free practice in GT Mode? Is there a handling difference? GT Mode will obviously limit the car availability meaning some people might not have the right car to take part!
  4. I'm looking into this at the moment, trying to find out if the global time trial times are recorded online like they were in GT5P
  5. Kev.

    I believe online leaderboards for lap times were not included at the launch of the game (and was a glaring omission picked up by a host of reviews), but it seems they will be included when Kaz begins with his 'regular updates' for the game.
  6. Yes that seems to be the case, in which case I'm thinking for now we run the hot laps under the arcade mode so the cars are available to all. This will have to be run on a trust basis for now, perhaps take a picture as proof if a lap is disputed. Stay tuned will post later with a car and track.
  7. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Bring it on. I am all in favor of "Bling bling am Ring :) "
  8. Lets the fun begin! It only seems fitting that with so many Top Gear fans here that we start with that track in our very own RD reasonably priced car. Challenge 1 will be the Suzuki Swift Sport '07 at The Top Gear Test Track.

    At the moment times are not recorded online though I believe this is a feature to be enabled in a patch soon. For the timebeing please record a replay of your fastest lap in case any lap times are disputed.

    The settings for each weeks challenge can be viewed in the first post of this thread.
  9. Woo :D Will have a go after work tonight.
  10. 1:26.356 is my best so far, where will that put me? amongst the Jay Kays and Simon Cowells? or the Brian Cox's and Jimmy Carr's of RD? :) Mastering the Hammerhead and Gambon seem key to this challenge.
  11. I was able to do a 1:26.030, the 1:25 just kept getting away by some mistake, it drives me crazy!! I'll keep trying.
  12. Racing tires? :(
  13. Surely Auto gears should be allowed too, esp for people for whom it could be impossible to shift manually?
  14. IMO auto gears give an advantage, because they always shift in the right time.
  15. 1.26.648 - Phew harder than it looks!! I think these are gonna be close!!!
  16. Yeah, maybe. But then again its harder to hold the car in a gear during a corner? I don't mind either way - just a suggestion. I'm a manual kinda guy!! ;-)
  17. I did a 1:27,339 but I will try to improve it
  18. Maybe auto-gears for those using the Dual-Shock controller, so at least its a bit of a leveller for them, not having the more precise control of a wheel, but having the freedom not having to cope with the anologue sticks and also shift gear.

    There are, I'm sure, still those driving/racing on PS3's and XBOX's who still use controllers and not wheels, either through preference, space limitations or simply budget.

    Or, are RD stipulating to be an active member of racing games here, console or PC, you must have a steering wheel?

  19. I just tried for 1st time and managed to do a 125.285 (Everything off and off track on real). Very clean lap. I saved my best lap replay. However, I think 124s are possible.
  20. Are we doing a rolling or standing start? as in, do you have to do it on the show where they start each lap standing?
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