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Misc The F1 2016 Mod for F1 2015 - TSS 1.3.5

Updates to names, drivers, liveries, helmets, performance, track names and more!

  1. 99tss submitted a new resource:

    F1 2016 Updated Driver Names, Driver Info, Team Names + Track Names (English Only) - Updates to names, drivers, info, track names and more!

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  2. Yeah, just did Verstappen's helmet, about to do Kvyat's. Will be using other peoples edits and will credit.
  3. awesome man thanks when will release be as i doing vtp carrer :cool:
  4. can u change car decs tr 26 rb 33
  5. Thanks :) Will be soon, Photoshop's playing up for me when saving kvyat's helmet.
    For the car question, I think that would have to be done by thrashersfreak, as he made the 2016 livery for the red bull/toro rosso, and the numbers glitch when I change them on the toro rosso.
  6. will helms b todaty?
  7. can u change sauber 2 haas
  8. Helmets for Verstappen & Kvyat in 1.2 which is live now.
    Other drivers will be in 1.2.5 soon...
    And I won't be changing Sauber to Haas, however I feel as though we should get a team together to turn 2014 mode into 2016 as we can change Caterham to Haas and have all 22 cars.
  9. Guys lets sort out a massive 2014 to 2016 package in F1 2015:
    -We need someone to do the liveries for the 11 teams on the 2014 cars.
    --This will include changing Caterham to Haas.
    -We need someone to do the helmets and sponsors for the 2014 teams.
    -We need someone to change the performance of the 2014 cars so they are as fast as the 2016 cars (as 2014 was about 4 seconds a lap slower I think)
    -I can do the changes to the names and database if we're up for this.
    -I could also make it a big package so it is all one mod. What does everyone think of this?
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  10. can u do it
  11. not all of it, I'm not very good at making car liveries.
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  12. Dude have a go at liveries and language I don't mind bout the livery's being off
  13. @99tss Portuguese pleeeeaseee!!!!!!
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  14. Eh maybe at some point, will probably do different languages in like a month if it isn't done by someone else (or if F1 2016 isn't released)
  15. your mod doesn t work
  16. Mine? What part of it doesn't work? Please explain so I can assist. :)