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The diifference in performance between TT & Career/Online

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Chris Rees, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. Hi,

    I havent done much complaining about F1 2010 so thought i should make a start lol.

    Brilliant game but am i the only one that thinks the differential between TT and racing career/online with Sims on it to drastic?

    I was doing TT for a while last night and deliberately turned off my xbox straight afterwards instead of racing online.... why? Because i know i would of been terrible for the first race or 2. I would be outbraking my self, missing every apex and no doubt spin out a few more times than normal. The reason for this is because TT is so rediculously unrealistic. Because there is no tyre wear and fuel sim is off it feel as if they have made the cars handle like scalextrics car that are on rails. Its definetely more arcadey for sure. IMO they need to rectify this in 2011 and level out the performance differences a little.
  2. I agree. All times are unrealistic TT. The players break records lap by more than 5 seconds. For example, a record Michael Schumacher in Monaco is 1:14: xxx, and the players reach the TT times 1:11: xxx.
  3. I actually done Monaco Wet TT competition on this forum. Cant exactly remember but i think my best lap was quicker than i have ever managed online in the dry!! I mean thats stupid. Was so much grip where as in real life Monaco in the wet is like an oil slick.
  4. Monaco is a horror to drive on dry conditions.. and wet??? lolz.. i will pass..
    yes, TT is very unrealistic.. i haven't been playing this game for sometime now..
    i now only play online races..
  5. I very rarely bother with TT as I have seen its data and it is like you said no tyre ware no fuel load track has 100% grip (race day in career or GP is 65 %) So it does throw you off (quite literally)after you go back to normal racing.
  6. James Chant

    James Chant

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  7. Yeah I stopped doing TTs as well. Initially I wanted to use them as a tool to learn the tracks before my career races, but since the performance is so different I am not learning what I need to learn in TTs (which is braking points, turn ins and car setups). Now I just start P1 in a career race and pay attention to the clock. If I need more practice time before moving on in the race weekend, I just reset the session. The only down side to this is the track is never rubbered in, but I really don't know how much influence this feature has on the game.
  8. As the weekend progresses the track becomes grippier at each session so it does affect things, I tend to just skip practice unless I need R&R or to reacquaint myself with it. And go straight to qualiy where the track is noticeably grippier.