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Released The Creek

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by zaxxon, Nov 5, 2009.

  1. Very nice track ,terrain is 10/10,perfect work,will be updates soon,objects?
  2. Great track!

    Super fast (my average speed over 150kph...) and wide road with lots of technical corner combinations. I love that one very very long flat right which tightens over a crest and narrows a bit. I just throw the car completely sideways there, Mikko Hirvonen style. :) Then another interesting bit are the few corners before that long right to the finish, the ones with the safety tape to guide. Very technical places, but still quite fast. The most techical ones are those slow left handers in the mid section.

    Kinda like a mix of Poland, Australia (2009) and New Zealand stages. Very nice!
  3. Hi,
    I have no updates planned right now. I am satisfied with the current version.
  4. zaxxon, don't get me wrong, I really like what you did here with the mountains and track...but just one thing, maybe you could choose a proper texture for road... this one here is very stretched and the tire lines looks like if there was a 200tones giant truck that passed by here and it's 10X times the size of a car...
  5. Zaxxon released the BTB project :good:. He specified that all non commercial use of the track is allowed...That means that all of us can edit the track, add objects, change textures.

    It's very nice to have the possibility to edit the track. I tested a full tarmac version of the track, I put some extra trees around the track! You can do whatever you want to do!
  6. Mix mod one for fun and Xpack test:


    Thanks Zaxxon
  7. "I use real elevation data and some scripts to create the mountains."

    I have not asked enough specific question. Where you get the elevation data? In topografi map or some digital map or do you use some program to make elevation contours to 3D terrain. Here in Finland is possible to get laser-scanned lidar elevation data. You terrain is so specific, that i wounder if that you terrain would be suchlike lidar-data. Looks like all information would be from some digital elevation model.
  8. For this track elevation data comes from the national map seamless server, http://seamless.usgs.gov/, but the scripts can use also elevation data taken from Google Earth (with 3D Route Builder or BTBLofty)
  9. Those pics are insane! The land detail and road is just amazing!
    I can only find low detail dems for Australia, and have no clue or really can't get my head around what you guys are doing and how you get the data into btb. I have read and read zaxxons Tutorial but I have no luck..

    Keep up the great work and thanks for persuing this.

    Awsome work zaxxon Thankyou and for PP122 Brilliant!

  10. Your pics are impressive. I had never before seen data with such a detailed mesh. Even the road is perfectly depicted.

    The data I have used is in gridfloat format, with values spaced 1/3 arcseg (10m) and afaik is only available (through the seamless server) for EEUU. gridfloat is just a matrix of floating point elevation values. A header file tells you the size of the matrix and the original latitude/longitude coordinates.
  11. :woot2: :woot2: :woot2: :woot2: :woot2: :woot2: :woot2: :woot2: :woot2: :woot2: :woot2:

    ok. Wow I didn't know you could use that format!!!

    here, will this work w/your script!?:



    I've got some interesting things ahead if you can use that!!

    ps: converted with http://www.landserf.org/ - the DEM I made from raw LIDAR point data

    pps all of South Tyrol has been laserscanned I just cant read the website, I assume you are interested in that data?

    I can't find the pointdata there anymore, but if you can find it .....

    -anotheredit- assuming you can use that I'll get started on a roundup of current datasources, tools and techniques for generating DEMs from raw data.

    here is the US lidar coverage: http://lidar.cr.usgs.gov/LIDAR_Viewer/viewer.php
  12. Lidar/laser-scanned materials will give track makers very good sharpness to terrain projects. Keep going with terrain development!

    Europe will not scanned much, there is no enough data, what i try to find. Here in Finland is some areas to scanned by "Finland Ground Calculating Institute" but material is over 0.90 €/ square KM. But office cost is about 100€/one material purchase.

    Here is the some objects laser-scanning possibility with low cost price. If there somewhere would be similar equipments what can use with terrain scanning with low price. This is not specific in this topic but good bunus information.

    PS. Here is list who are take part Sydney's International Raceway Eastern Creek track making with laser-scanned lidar. They would give practically tips.

    I have found some footage from youtube, SRT Interview with Brenden Pywell about Eastern Creek Laser.
  13. I can read those data, but it is not practical:
    1) too much information for the computer scripts. How many files like that would be needed to work with a real track? The scripts are designed to use one single file with all the elevation data
    2) It is useless. Such a detail level will not be used in the terrain mesh. It is nonsense to create a mesh with a resolution of around 1m.
    3) Working with this kind of data would be useful only for a very few earth zones, for which such lidar-type data is available.

    It would easier to work with points separated 10m (available free of charge for EEUU or the result of decimating lidar-data), and once you have a first version of the project (road+terrain), you can use the visualization of lidar-data to make (by hand inside BTB) fine adjustments to your track to mimic reality.
  14. Not every track is large.

    glen helen is scanned, honda test track is scanned, many small ovals are scanned...

    there are uses.

    where are the scripts and how do I use them?
  15. The scripts are available here: http://foro.simracing.es/bobs-track-builder/3815-tutorial-ma-zaxxon.html#post52986

    (only for non-commercial tracks/purposes)

    For sure the scripts are not well-suited for the elevation data you have and the steps you need/want to do.

    Can you generate a single gridfloat file with all the 10m separated elevation data?
    Can you create a list of (x,y) points that indicate the position of the center of the road?
    Is your track a close-loop or an open track?