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The 3 euro brake mod for G25 / G27 Pedals

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by David O Gorman, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. For the G27, should be the same for the G25

    Finally got some free time to go to the engineering firm to look for springs along with a hobby model shop and a hardware store.

    Unfortunately i lucked out at the engineering firm, they had springs of the perfect size but they were way too stiff. Instead of the metal being used in the spring being circular in diameter their ones were rectangular in cross section. mainly used in press machines they are not designed to compress fully like the one in the logitech pedals.
    the silver one is logitech, the other a sample of the rectangular type of cross section.

    Next the model shop as they use springs in the model car suspension. However the diameter and strength is small and low, but they had some that fitted perfectly within the logitech spring.

    I tried it first using the full length of the red(car suspension) with the logitech spring. this worked but their was a clicking as coils got caught when the two were being compressed.

    Next i cut the red one to slightly longer than the logitech one and this worked very well with only 1 click in the last 3mm of travel.

    However it was only 4pm so another trip this time to the hardware store and there it was, perfect diameter, closer coils and stronger metal diameter but longer than the logitech spring. A quick trip back to the engineer firm and they cut it for me. I had it cut slightly shorter than the logitech one as that is under about 4mm of compression when its not in use

    Works very well, even though the coils are the same distance apart as you press down on it it becomes harder to press. Works perfectly using runners, easy to feel the pedal and it compresses the same distance as the original but the last 10% will take force.

    So the brake sorted next the accelerator especially now that i can use runners and the unit was already stripped.
    black is logitech accelerator
    red is model car suspension
    silver is logitech brake

    I decide to swap in the original brake spring into the accelerator.
    Its stiffer than a normal accelerator but it feels much better than the original accelerator especially if you want to use runners.

    Unfortunately the spring i found in the hardware store didnt have a code as it was in a box of assorted springs and in my haste i forgot to measure coil size and coil distance apart but hopefully the pics will give you an idea.

    Ps almost forgot: the spring i ended up using cost 3 euro. the 2 springs from the model shop cost 1 euro each. Cheap mod.

    Update note: After a 2 hour stint last nigh im reconsidering the clutch spring in the accelerator, To give you an idea, Im 40, about 90kg, just shy of 6 foot and a carpenter so reasonable fit (cycle an average of 50 miles a week). The issue wasnt pushing the accelerator but keeping it in position (pedal to the floor) for long periods.
    As for the bake, with the spring ive used you are looking at a fixed setup( no seats on wheels) i will probably take it out again and try to stretch the spring slightly just to make it more comfortable for longer periods of time.

    Hope the post helps out anyone thinking of doing this, in the end its only about finding the right spring.
  2. Nice one David :)

    Thx for posting this great mod tutorial :)
  3. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    Not sure if I missed something or not but I do have a question for you David. What pedal set are you modding?
  4. I though i had the info included but didnt.
    Its for the G27 pedals. So should be the same for the G25
    I added the info to top of post

    PS thanks for pointing that out Jim
    Can a mod edit the subject matter and add its for the G27
  5. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    I think you can edit your own subject line, but not sure anymore hehe.
  6. Using his god like 'Mod powers' your alteration to the title is done :)
  7. Chris Butcher

    Chris Butcher
    Red Bull Gridsters 2012 Champion

    Big head. :D
  8. Withdraws 'the BAN stick' from its holster:tongue: