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That's all... 5 endurance events culminated at Le Mans 4hrs.

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by João Andias, Sep 8, 2009.

  1. The final of 5 fine endurance club events (Race Evolution) took place last Saturday at the famous circuit of Le Mans (VLM). The circuit version utilized was its genuine 72/78 layout.

    For those less familiar with it, it is a fast (no stop & go 90’s security chicanes) rather easy but unforgiving (no kitty litter) version of it (below from e-tracks).


    As usual in any pre-90’s layout of Le Mans, in order to be fast over a full lap, most cars have to be set-up with low aerodynamical support for the 3 or 4 very quick parts of the track. This clearly contrasts with for instances the theoretical needs for the Porsche curves area. Ideally a setup for Le Mans should have low aerodynamic support (reduced drag for the big straights) but high mechanical grip for a good number of 90º and above turns.

    Famous areas for the spectators (like the Esses, Mulsanne, Indianpolis, Arnage and the final chicanes) will (as we saw) take its toll on the field. Although fun to do from the driving point of view, we can’t forget the “security” measures of the 70’s were put in place to stop the cars, not to "slow them down" before immobilizing them like today.

    For this final run, was decided to make it another record braking event, we went for an above 4hrs race.

    4 hrs in Race Evo means a 4 hrs driving stint, double duration of an 80’s/90’s driving stint and well above nowadays security permitted driving stints. As far as it is knowledge of this media team member, there wasn’t anywhere something like this attempted with Evolution (we have done 3.5 hrs events and other clubs have stayed a little shy of 4hrs events).

    Due to RD leagues confinements the race had to be pin-pointed to this last weekend, meaning that an important number of usual hard-core racers for these type of events couldn’t take part (long weekend US for instances). Together with the release of LM series MOD by ErMT (rFactor), both these unfortunately meant the lowest entry field of all 5 events with even one less signup than the original April Spa event (21). From these, 14 went to actually starting the race (non DNS), 6 of these in the GTS class and 8 in the GTP class.

    From the racing point of view, although with more starters (8), the GTP class was the one less open due to the single presence of a Viper and not even a single Corvette (cars that have an advantage in the long straights over the other cars in the class). So J. Andias was in away racing against himself trying to avoid the many traps 65 laps to this track pose and keeping an eye on the DB9R armada very quick on the final part of the lap.

    The less powerful class, like in most of the previews events of this kind, the GTS, was once again the more open and where direct fight for the first positions took place. Obviously the many GTS Corvettes on the grid (4 in 6 GTS cars) helped to bring the class closer since this was the car to beat in the class for this circuit (top speed of the C6).

    The first go at Mulsanne; only 65 to go.

    So how did it all go along the 4hrs… for several reasons in away it can be argued we are near the limit duration of what is admissible in order to have a decent final race result (i.e. a decent number of people finishing the event).

    For those few reading not yet familiar with the needs an Evo endurance event brings, will quickly summarize them here.

    • Above 90 minutes races imply some degree of engine management and require a balanced setup.
    • When we go above 3hrs, no more abusive downshifting and long periods of high rpm.
    • A balanced setup from every point of view (suspension, tyres) is imperative, or the tyre and fuel management will be a down-factor implying many pit-stops.
    • Any simulation above 120 minutes quickly becomes a physical exercise and one has to mange body natural necessities :wink2:
    Both GTS BMW ended their races due to “Esses” reasons.

    So, back to our event... Apart from a few early retirements, the race reached ½ distance (2hrs) with a record % of racers still in it (proving that the ones who did took part were true experts in the matter).
    After that, the circuit characteristics started to take its high toll on the field.
    So about 1/2 distance; in the GTP class J. Andias & his Viper were in control with a fight for the rest of podium places well in the way with recuperating (after early lap 3 accident) D. Swiderski (DB9R) with a great pace and imposing himself for a strong final position candidate.
    Regarding the GTS class the things were hot, as early exit victim A. Löffler (C6) had unsynchronized pit-stops with front GTS contender M. Hermann (C6) and appeared to be gaining the upper hand while T. Miller (M3) was the only non Corvette in 3rd place.

    3 ways of doing Indianapolis, enter wide exit in, enter in exit wide and car-park route on the other side of the fence.

    After about ½ distance, in a way as expected, the race become very much an attrition event.

    One by one racers become victim of their own tiredness and did mistakes where it is/was well known they weren’t permitted. For instances, both GTS BMW were victim of the Esses, leaving a 100% C6 GTS field behind. Many ended their dreams of finishing a 4 hrs event in the chicanes before the start finish line (Ford chicane). A few accumulated many exits specially at the unforgiving Indianapolis and finally the car mechanics said “no more”.

    An image some would like to see, SCP in flames. Realistically speaking, 2.5hrs of race ended in 1 single distraction.

    At the 3hrs mark the field was reduced to the usual less than 50% numbers (about 35%).In the GTP class J. Andias had a comfortable margin (above all it had done the final pit-stop) over a pursuing D. Swiderski and a 3rd placed M. Salvador (DB9R) exactly one lap down. In the GTS class, only 2 survivors, M. Herrmann, a regular of these events that finally was having some luck regarding his unfortunate but usual technical issues and the class leader A. Löffler (as pointed earlier, both in C6).

    2 things; why the Viper was the car to beat; why we like the “old” Le Mans.

    About early lap 50’s "all hell broke loose"; not only the always dump conditions of the track got worst as the rain intensified, but also the field took a big dent. Both Michaels (C6 & DB9R) had terminal accidents and both top GTP contenders had different technical issues leaving an apparently lonely A. Löffler in the server with about 10 more laps to go.

    More than 3 hrs of race ended by a security fence; why the “old” Le Mans doesn’t like us back.

    Here comes to surface a “little issue” up for debate. From strict point of view, A. Löffler was the only racer finishing the event with 65 laps done in 4hr and 20 minuts in a GTS car and no GTP car was circulating by race finish. On other hand, J.Andias, victim of a game glitch went to complete those same 65 laps in 4hrs and 2 minutes as ghost after lap 53.

    From a GTS result point of view there isn’t much fuss has A. Löffler is always the winner of the GTS race, but from the GTP class there can be some dispute to see who was the first to be lost by the server, the ISP failure of
    D. Swiderski or the “ghosting” of J.Andias.

    All 4 needed for a 4hrs success; balanced setup, be fast, some luck and glitch free. The uncontested GTS winner.

    Not being this a league race I will present here a result that is more or less a consensus within the event participants.

    65 laps, Le Mans 77 (VLM) dump truck with aggravating rain after ½ distance.

    GTS class

    1. A. Löffler (C6) 65 laps 4hrs 20 minutes (class fastest lap 3:48:836)
    2. M. Herrmann (C6) 53 Laps (accident immediately followed by engine failure)
    3. T. Miller (M3) 45 Laps (accident followed by consequent engine failure)
    4. Y. Braham (C6) 12 Laps (accident followed by team deciding to retire the car in the pits)
    5. T. Kluge (C6) 8 Laps (accident)
    6. B. Ferreira (M3) 6 Laps (accident followed by immediate engine failure)

    GTP class

    1. J. Andias (Viper) 65 laps 4hrs 02 minutes (game glitch, “ghost”)
    2. D. Swiderski (DB9R) 52 Laps (technical - ISP failure) (class fastest lap 3:37:901)
    3. M. Salvador (DB9R) 49 Laps (accident followed by immediate engine Failure)
    4. F. Besems (R8) 43 laps (multiple accidents, car engine gave in)
    5. D. Coldrick (DB9R) 38 Laps (accident followed by Engine failure)
    6. G. Degreef (S7R) 32 Laps (multiple accidents leading to final engine failure)
    7. A. Evans (CCGT) 24 Laps (accident followed by engine failure)
    8. D. Pettit (Apollo) 11laps (multiple accidents, retired by team at the pits)

    As usual some number crunch; much have been said already... we had only one “dubious”/”I had enough” kind of retirement (the lowest number of this kind for all 5 events). Almost 80% of the retirements were result of terminal damage due to accidents which just goes to confirm that although Le Mans is an easy to know circuit, its lack of room for error will always give a high retirement margin. Finally we only had 2 technical problems (about 15%, the lowest of all 5 events), one of them non game related (ISP side) but unfortunately the other game bug related. Importantly, above all in the longest event, we had no directly related engine management DNF. So after 5 events some of “bad habits” “encouraged” (permitted) by Race07 Evolution where understood and completely removed from this type of events

    With the somewhat reasonable endurance experience of this race “reporter”, I think the 4hrs mark is about the limit both game and the majority of the players are up to take...
    The Viper for instances “only” lost 10% engine in the 4 hrs, but the Viper (together with the Corvette) is a car that with its large power band really excels in long distance events (one has “only” to be careful with the handling of the Viper).

    The old “ghost” bug is unfortunately back after this last summer patch (the patch before this solved it, now it got back in) unfortunate it seems to affects usually the 1st placed of the race, so when rarely it happens, it will be noticed and can be very unfair as the “ghost” racer will continue to race. The duration of the event can’t be pointed as the main culprit behind the glitch as this reporter as experienced it in a sprint race too and has seen it in shorter endurance events.

    Anyway when going for long events in order improve the number of racers finishing, the track choice is a difficult one. Not only we must have a reasonable interesting circuit (most modern circuits are too dull), it has to have “resting” points (long straights) but also ideally have margin for error (unlike Le Mans 77 for instances). From memory, obviously the trilogy of endurance racing (Spa, Le Mans and the Nordschleife) will always attract everyone’s attention. But the truce is that the more finishing friendly circuit is/was Paul Ricard (don’t forget to change the lap limit in the circuit files when endurance racing on it).

    Finally, it is known SimBin doesn’t directly support above 120 minutes events so it is well understandable that with the recent advent of LMS MOD for rFactor, much of RD attention regarding endurance turned to this fine MOD looking for the continuation of these club endurance events.

    Thanks for reading and sorry for being a bit long, but since it was the last (for time being) of this kind of events, I felt I had to do something extra :wink2:

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  2. awesome review João Andias :) my SCP on fire lol .

    grats again to A. Löffler and João Andias for finish this #1 enduro event:)

  3. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

    Wow only 2 cars saw the flag.

    Fantastic read Joao. Wished I was taking part being its the last Enduro for GTR Evolution.

    Well done all who took part.

    Congrats A. Löffler and João Andias. Still the king of Enduro Joao ;)

    Racedepartment....Eric thank you very much for this event.
  4. Awesome!! awesome!!! Great report Joao!!!! Thank you!!

    It makes me a little sad to terminate these events:) but we had a pretty good run!!
  5. I wish I could have made it, sounds like if I survived to the end, I would have finished 2nd (only if you count Mr. Ghost). :ghost:
  6. Great report Joao! Wish I could have been there.
  7. Thanks for all the reports Joao. :)
    To bad i couldn't make the last one. But 3 out of 5 is also not bad. :wink2:

    Thanks for racing guys and special thanks to Eric for starting the event. :)
  8. I can't believe it!!!! João AGAIN????????? This guy is from another planet, ENDURANCE PLANET!!!!!!!!!!!

    Grats guys!!! Great read, João!!!! :wink2:
  9. I am still wondering why he is in the 2nd division in the RDFOC?? :)
  10. Me 2...
  11. awsome review Joao :)

    we need to redo this kind of enduro events as sone as there is room in the server shedule :)
  12. Michael I am not sure we can attract as much interest anymore (last race was a good example). Also, I slacked a lot with this last race and it showed. If someone else is willing to help (=do most of the work to keep it fresh) I can keep it going.
  13. Eric i wish i could say i have time for it but i dont have at least not now, maybe in 2-3 month
  14. hehe, regarding RD Evo leagues (STL & FOC); whatever happens, be it a good result for me (team) or a bad one (like in the 4th endurance for instances), one thing is for sure, I will be there in the end... :wink2:

    As for the continuation of Evo club endurance events... Well, with my commitment to STL & FOC I'm already too tight regarding time availability, to the point of avoiding for time being rFactor endurance league (as pointed in another topic, I just can't adapt sufficiently quickly between FFB of one game and the other… age? growing old? Natural I guess... :wink2:).

    Let's wait for the new fresh air Race On is bound to bring, as many will have a renewed interest and some new (and reliable) people might arrive to the on-line race simulation world.

    Until then, if an interesting club event shows up and above all I’ve the time for it… likely I will be there :D
  15. I'd bet it's called planet Enduro.
  16. I think he keeps his girlfriend in the trunk of the car (or the boot for you Brits :cloudy:).
  17. Same here. Maybe towards the end of the current leagues we can think about a revival of the series.
  18. To bad it ends. After this last race with the strange engine problem to my car. I really was looking forward to another enduro. I really love them.

    So Eric tnx for putting your effort in these races. Some day they will return!
  19. we need le mans 2009 track!