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Thanks for all the setups

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Gene Cowan, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. More like great news to me. Many thanks for the setup section.
    I have enjoyed F1 Championship Edition since 2006, more than 10,000 race miles.
    Your setups keep me trying F12010 though and I'm slowly getting there
  2. hello to every body!

    hello to every body,

    i a new user of this faboulous web.

    whit your's set-ups i'm win my first race.

    your's are the best!
  3. indeed it's great to have a forum just for setups, I always check the threads when hopping into a new race.

    However I'd suggest to create 2 subforums:one for Time Trial setups and one for career races, because frankly time trial's arcade style has very little in common with driving in career mode.

    e.g. Most setups posted here can be quite fast indeed, but they also destroy tires within just a few laps. Higher grip levels in TT also drastically affect set ups.
  4. Yeah thanks especially to Bram... love your setups!
  5. most of the setup are great, really turn the car into something else
  6. Agreed. The setups are a great help. Thanks, guys.
  7. agreed
  8. totally agree!
    i love the fact that i could try out various different setups by different posters and i noticed that my driving style changes according to these setups.

    Some of these setups allows me to really be aggressive on the corners while some demand a more smoother approach to be fast.
  9. Agreed too!
  10. I drive the same time with your setups and the ingame setups.
  11. Thanks for this fine setups.
  12. Yeah thx to all of U guys for the setups!
  13. Thx so much Guys for all work (fun working so :))
  14. Yeah thanks for setups everyone that posted helped alot.
  15. many thanks for the help with set ups they have improved my times by an avrage of 1 to 1.5 seconds a lap
  16. Thx Guys!!
  17. I am a new user and now I am using the setup. Thanks.
  18. love the setups they help me so much
  19. agreed! Improved my gameplay :p
  20. thank you!!!
    your setups are the best!!!