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TH8RS Issue

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by mkel1966, Jan 2, 2015.

  1. Need your help guys. I don't know if my shifter is already broke. I bought this before christmas and it worked fine out of the box(downloaded all drivers and firmwares). Today my pc won't even recognize it. Even it's own device profiler won't. Does this mean this shifter is dead? Thanks in advance.
  2. HUM24H

    Godspeed Premium Member


    Have you tried plugging the shifter into a different USB Port? Also ensure your USB Drivers are up to date. You could also try plugging them into another PC or Laptop to see if its the Shifter that's causing problems.

    The best thing is to try and eliminate as many variables as you can before deciding the shifter is dead. So try switching USB Ports, Make sure your USB Drivers are up to date, ensure you plug the shifter directly into the USB Port without USB Extension Cable and also try plugging it into another PC or Laptop.

    If the Shifter still doesn't work after all of that, then the Shifter is dead.


  3. Thanks for the reply. I did plug to a different usb port, uninstalled and installed all drivers and firmwares, restarted pc a few times, connected it to a different pc/laptop, went to control panel to find new device but same result -- not detected. I don't know if it's connected but now all my in-game set up for my wheel(g27) is messed up for assetto corsa.
  4. Peter

    who cares Premium Member

    Send a mail to Thrustmaster.
    Probably the same issue I had and they send you a spare part to replace the PCB.
  5. HUM24H

    Godspeed Premium Member

    Right, contact Thrustmaster as I think the Shifter is faulty.