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TH8A Shifter

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Jose Borges, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. High everyone!

    Can anyone tell me how long is cable that connects the shifter to a usb port? I couldn't find it anywhere!

    And since i'm at this, how tall is the shifter?

    Tks, I'm sorry if this has been asked elsewhere!

    Happy racing
  2. I believe its somewhere between 6-10ft without actually measuring it, which really isn't long at all unless your PC is sitting pretty close to the shifter since you likely want to cable tie it out of the way instead of leaving it hanging. That being said, you can always use a USB extension cable if you need more length.
  3. I measured my TH8RS (I think it's the same as the TH8A): USB cable is 2 meters, total height of the shifter + stick is 25 cm, stick sticks out 13 above the unit.
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  4. Yes please! :)
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  5. the thing is in my "rig" (if i can call it that) i'd have to place the shifter at the same lvl of the wheel, and this shifter looks perfect to be placed at the leg lvl, like a car. Does anyone know if the clubsport shifter is taller?

    THAT FAIL looooooool
  6. The "height" of the Clubsport Shifter depends on how you mount it. It has several mounting options.
    Here's three examples with the table clamp (which you need to purchase separately);
    As you can see the shifter can be mounter from the bottom, or from any of the four sides at different heights.
    The height of the shifter enclosure is 14cm, the stick adds 13,2cm with the GT knob (total 27,2) and 15,6 with the sequential knob (total 29,6).

    Edit: I'd just like to add that the throw on the ClubSport Shifter is shorter and tighter than on the TH8 shifter, feels more like a modern racier car while the TH8 feels more like a old classic GT like old ferraris and such. There are however custom made plates you can swap on the TH8 shifter to make the throw shorter or even remove gears to make it a 5-speed, 4-speed or whatever.
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  7. Thank you for your patience mates. Which would you guys choose? Has anyone tried both? I was leaning to the CSS but the price is prohibitive comparing to the TH8A. Plus, the TH8A is available anywhere...
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  8. Don't ask me, I'm biased :)
    But when my current CSS SQ dies I will buy a new one. Haven't run any races with the TH8, but I've held it and tested it, it's a really good shifter and especially for the price, but the CSS is just that one step up in feel.
    As Shaun Cole put it, it's simracing art, it's not that the CSS is better than the TH8*, it just leaves you with that impression of "wow, this is a high quality product" when you hold it and use it, it makes the TH8 seem almost like a toy in comparison, to me that extra level of immersion is worth it.

    *If you plan on jumping between H-pattern and Sequential mode often then the CSS is way better due to it's system that let's you switch in literally one second. On the TH8 you need to unscrew and screw again 4 screws to change the plate between modes.
  9. I really like the gates of the TH8RS and TH8A but the CSS is easier to switch between H-Pattern and Sequential. Both feel like very high quality products.
  10. I really want to buy the Fanatec Shifter but the sob keeps being delayed and i feel a bit stupid giving 200€+shipping now to use it only 4 moths in the future! That's why i started this thread... My pros and cons list of these two products point to the thrustmaster but i definetely want the Fanatec.... :inlove:
  11. If you ask me, the CSS is well worth the wait, but then again, I'm biased :) :rolleyes: