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TH2Go v's Eyefinity

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Oops, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Hi all I need somee help, Im running a TH2Go setup atm (vga) but when I try to play F1 2010 it just looks stretched and is virtually unplayable so I was thinking that I could run an eyefinity setup as I have a Radeon hd 5700 series card with two dvi and a hdmi + a display port, but would the eyefinity setup be much better though?
  2. Danny, the menu is stetched and way too close to the camera to be useable, so you have to alt-enter to go to single screen during menu selections. Once you get to track, you can alt-enter back to triple screen and generally stay like that until you return to the paddock. As far as I know it's the same for Eyefinity as well as TH2Go. This occured after the patch was released.

    To get the correct view on-track/in-car, you need to alter your FOV (field of view). This is described in this thread. Again, as far as I know this is an Eyefinity and TH2Go thing. Read the thread, it's actually not as tricky as it sounds. Once you've made the alterations to the appropriate files, and adjusted to your own perfection, you can just play and forget.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Thanks Mr Pibb now I know that the eyefinity is the same as th2go, I tried to follow Chad's guide to convert my binary file to txt to be able to change the settings but because my f1 2010 folder is on a different drive (E) I cant seem to get the path in the cmd box but I did download and try Chad's FOV settings and to me it still looks like 1280x1024 stretched over three screens instead of
    3840 x 1024 that Im getting in other games like race 07 etc.
    btw which are you using TH2Go or Eyefinity?
  4. I'm using TH2Go at 3840x1024.

    Path in cmd will start with E: <-Note the colon. For example, to change to E drive windows folder type E: at the command prompt first and press enter. Then type CD\WINDOWS.

    Try copying the camera file to a temporary folder on your C: drive along with the binXML files etc, doing the mod there, then copying the modded file back to your E: drive

    What camera do you use? I have only modified Williams and Redbull, but I can send you my files if you like. I only ever race in cockpit view, so have only modified that camera. I have also reduced the head shaking which gets pretty out of hand in close FOV.

    Edit: Chad's files *may* be for a single widescreen, and so may well look stretched in triple screen. I'm using a FOV value of 38.5 for Redbull, and a very very slightly higher viewpoint so I can see both mirrors fully. Not sure what values Chad uses.
  5. Thanks again Mr Pibb, if you could send me your files that would be great :) and I could try it out :rolleyes:
  6. I run eyefinity and have no issues with stretching