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Texture and lighting problems

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by avioni, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. problem im having is that above the tree walls i can see a black line along the complete treewall line.

    like so.

    i just noticed it happens on some walls, when i disable recieve shadows and recieve lights the line disapears on some walls. also ive deleted the back and top of the wall so only thing there is the face where the texture is placed.
  2. You need to add a thin strip of transparency to the bottom of the texture (or offset it vertically). All pixels blend with the surrounding pixels, but for the pixels at the top of the texture, some of the surrounding pixels are at the bottom, and of course they aren't transparent. Your graphics card doesn't know that it's not meant to tile vertically.
  3. thank you! will try this now.

    edit. perfect

    unfortunalty one of the walls wont edit for some reason, gonna have to delete and create it again :(
  4. thanks for the quick replay R soul. it worked perfect as u described.

    since already opened this thread

    another issue im having with some object. like houses from the rural australia xpack and other objects from trackside objects xpack , is that in the editor they look fine, but in game they are missing walls. like the wall becomes invisible and u can see thru the house to the wall on the other side. ive tryd changing theirposition but nothing fixes this.

    another thing is the shadows that normal track wall produce is not good. it looks like shadow patches every couple of feet thruout the wall. and it produces the same shadow effect on the road. then some other walls produce a nice shadow on the road. any idea? i tryd setting high or veryhigh with solid or textured shadows but same effect. maybe its just coinsidence that the walls that produce a better shadow i have manually changed their default texture to a colored one.
  5. The problem with the houses is that their faces are the wrong way round; they're facing inwards rather than outwards, and by default you only see the outside of a face. When the problem is with someone else's object the easiest solution is to go to Edit Materials ( materials.gif ), find the correct materials and select the Double Sided option.
  6. you are an encyclopedia bro. lol props to you. thanks again.
  7. another issue has arrised. im not getting track to iluminate in some sections of the track. there is light but track is completly black, i couldnt find any setting to change this features.
  8. You need to set the track GMTs to 'Lit at Night' in 3DSimEd, or check 'Omni' in 3DSMax, not sure where in BTB.
  9. That's right. Even if RBR doesn't care for this, it is always good manner to keep faces in order when making any object.
    If you still see some badly shadowed faces (e.g. in trees) - the "Render Normals Up" option should be checked for the whole texture, or "Create Normals - Up pointed" when you put an object into xpack. This also helps if objects are blinking in the game.
  10. thanks guys. I dont have or know how to work with 3ds or 3dsimed.

    so do you guys use shadows for walls? i just set the render normals up for wall textures and going to chek if it looks better with shadows.