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Misc Texas Update 1.0

Changed the look of Texas with new podium and adverts.

  1. Reddvers submitted a new resource:

    Texas Update - Changed the look of Texas with new podium and adverts.

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  2. thanks for the quick update.
  3. Thanks. Still not aware if the podium is correct ? Anyone seen it in the coverage ?
  4. Hi, very good update again, what do you think about my F1 2014 update. Yoiu are the master of F1 2016 updates.
  5. Very Nice Thank You
  6. nicely done. thanks a lot.:cool:
  7. thanks a lot :D
    can you update banners heineken, johnny walker, and rolex to the right place and the correct form like picture like this??

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  8. @Prazentio I wish I could make them exactly as seen in the race but I am not aware how to achieve this. Maybe someone from Codemasters could tell me :)

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  9. no problem bro:D, once again thanks for the mods :) I will wait for the next mod from you :D
  10. Thank you!!
    Very nice job! :thumbsup: