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Temperatures and which to take notice of...

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jason Dewhurst, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. Ok so heres the thing....

    On Load

    Core 1/2: 82
    Core 1/1: 75
    CPU: 54

    Which of the three are key? average or single core temps?

    I ve had some overheating issues but ive got the average to 55 ish on load but there cores can reach 80 is this normal or is my cpu shot?
  2. 17 views and not one reply, just a joke.
  3. What program are you using to check the temps? (need to know before I can go further with helping)
  4. Need more info. What CPU is it? You say you've gotten the temps down, does that mean extra cooling or are you adjusting voltages? And some programs report different temps. Depending on your motherboard you might get some false readings. Have you checked the temps in the BIOS if it's available?
  5. And I don't understand how you can have 82 and 75 on each core but a CPU reading of 54? Are these all from one program?
  6. program is everest
  7. its a amd athlon 64 dual core 2.7gb
  8. It could need resetting. If you've been messing around in the computer and bumped the heatsink it's possible one side of the CPU has more/less contact than the other. Or it has cheap thermal paste which needs re-applying. Are you also monitoring individual core loads? I doubt your CPU is shot. Do you know much about computers? You could buy some good thermal paste and re-apply it. That's the second thing I would do. The first would be to get a screwdriver, open up CoreTemp, and slowly turn each screw on the heatsink until you start to see the temps even out. Tighten or loosen one side, then try the next side and so on.
  9. And if it helps, normal temps for your CPU are 45-75.
  10. It was working fine until the shop bent one of the cpu pins and let grease drip onto the pins during a service, I had to get it fixed a while back.

    I use Arctic Silver 5 for compound.
  11. The temps seem fine if they are on full load. But it's not good they bent one of the pins, they should of replaced the CPU with a new one, could be the reason why you have uneven temps.
  12. yep as Damian sayed if the bend that pin the shop should replace the CPU atleast i would not move out of the store till they had replaced it
    i mean comeone the break stuff and fix it only with make ste pin strait again ?? lol probaly that pin is the source of this totaly different temps
    may 1 of the cors dont run with 100% power anymore
  13. maybe so, not sure whether to go full amd or intel chipset, if I go intel it means I need a new board as well.
  14. thats not easy to say as its a lot of personal opinion but after havin several amd systems and had
    allways stability problems i got back to a full intel system and it runs way more stable but to be honest
    the amd system is cheaper
  15. price isnt an issue, im after stability and efficency, need a decent board and a quad cpu
  16. go for a I7 then (8 core) boards for this cpu i have no clue but i am sure the pro techis here can give an advice
  17. as long as I can get brand and model, I should be able to order it in my local shop as I cannot shop online.
  18. Get a i7 920 with a Gigabyte UD3 or UD5 Mobo and 6gb DDR3 (Ocz, Corsair, G-Skill etc)