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Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Ryan Callan, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. I would have posted in Ross' thread but I don't have pemission yet...

    Anyway my question is, can you hear other people on Teamspeak through your PC's speakers, if you don't have your own mic/headset?
  2. yep, totale :thumb:

    might get drowned out by the game unless you turn the master vol down tho
  3. Excellent, cheers. That will do me until I purchase a mic/headset.
  4. Hello guys.

    This is the firs time I read about Teamspeak. Maybe it's the same thing that I have read about in other posts called "TS" (to speak to each other while online racing). If so, I'm interested in learnig to use it. Do you know if is there any tutorial or any document about it?

    Than you.
  5. Yes, TS is the same as TeamSpeak. Another program that is very similar is Ventrilo, which is what I use. Both programs are basically the same, and you don't really need a tutorial, just a set up guide. All these programs do is connect you to a voice server, you can be playing any game/sim, or just sitting at your computer to talk. You obviously need a mic, and usually a headset is nice. You must connect to an existing server, though, so someone has to tell you what their server info is (for example our ventrilo server is comms.team-hk.com port 4855 ...this will not work for TS, but you need something similar)

    The TS guide can be found here in the Menu Connection area:

  6. Thank you Matt :thumb:. I'll check it ASAP.
  7. Yes you can hear, but it is recomended that you use a headset, so you dont send the sound that gets out of your speaker to other people.

  8. might be kinda cool though, it would be like real radios during racing..you can barely hear the guy talking over the sound of his roaring engine lol
  9. that would only happen if he had a mic and wasn't using push-to-talk...
  10. negative..when you push your ptt key, the mic would still pick up the sound from the speakers.
  11. jarp... but he doesn't have a mic or headset... he just wants to listen in... :)

  12. oh no! you're right lol good call
  13. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    if you have a stereo mic you can use omnibeam in you sc driver to have directional input and also enable noise suppression and phase filtering if you have them which will cut down what you pick up from speakers. works fine for me but then i have mic set very low.

    edit. made the same mistake again. ^^