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Teams in iRacing?

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Kristóf Kerekes, Feb 23, 2014.

  1. Hey guys!

    Yeah, it's me again. It's quite a simple question this time, but still remains unknown for me. I know there are teams in the WC, but I'm yet to find teams outside of that,whom participate together in leagues as an enthusiastic branch. I know there are teams like that in rF2, LFS and whatsoever. I seem to be lost in the anonymous official league system, so that's why I would like to look for a team that races in scheduled leagues together. Thanks for your answers in advance.
  2. There seem to be teams popping up all over the place in the GT3 series. Dunno about the other series, though. Which car are you running?
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  3. The GT3s especially, but I'm pretty open minded about the Single Seaters too.
  4. You should check out the official GT3 teams forum, if you haven't already:


    I counted fifteen teams, half of which look like they were still recruiting last week. Not sure is you'll see much action in single-seaters, though. The only single-seaters anyone seems to drive anymore is the Skip and Spec Racer Ford (the Star Mazda seems a bit hit or miss).
  5. basically, teams are not suppported by the mechanism behind the official iRacing series. however, people do join teams and run in teams no matter which echelon of the service you visit. They make most sense in private leagues where you can often find a team championship or a mixed driver and team championship. It is up to the admins to calculate team results since iRacing does not support this.
    exception: the semi-official world cup of iRacing, held each year between august and january and grouping the players by their clubs (regions, e.g. Great Britain and Ireland, Eastern Europe, France, Texas etc.). A world champion club is crowned each year. http://members.iracing.com/jforum/forums/show/643.page
  6. Yet they're working on a team functionality as an addition to the driver swaps. Once it will come to the service it should be pretty huge.
  7. Hey, there are plenty of teams, i mostly run private leagues and i have a team.
    If you are interested to join then you are welcome, now we have team in ARL-TV V8 Supercars League and its growing in the same time we have other drivers participating in other different leagues. If you are interested - PM, ill give details :)