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Skins Team J.M.B. [FERRARI 599XX EVO] 1.0

ferrari 575 GTC

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  1. Good skin, but the roof must be black if i see correct the original, the rims must be white, and the "KW suspension" must be put on front window not roof :) But this is your skin after all :)
  2. It is not a replica, just a inspiration. And by the way, i can't paint the rims and front window
  3. Good inspiration :) And why you can't paint the rims and window?
  4. Yes, you are smart but which textures you edited? I have only car paint template from dev folder and i only will paint it. Feel free to use your own white rims or dont download it if you dont like stock color of rims. I dont wanna rip some game files as you do to paint rims and windscreen
  5. The rims look a bit pants with the centre painted etc.
  6. This is only example, easy...
  7. Don't be so naive - i just extract textures and i made skins for myself.This was just example and this is not against rules.I like your skin. Rims and front window DDS files