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Team Caterham & HRT KERS mod

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by BlazingRiCO, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. Since its been announced that Team Caterham and HRT will have KERS in 2012, I made a mod for it.

    Note: both teams may be overpowered, cant change much about that, sorry. I used the KERS files from Toro Rosso and renamed them for Caterham (lo1) and HRT (hr1).

    Big thanks to RedCardinal for telling how to unlock KERS.

    ↓ LINK HERE ↓

    Have fun !



  2. HRT will have KERS next season?
  3. I think HRT won't have KERS for 2012 only caterham has KERS
  4. With this Marussia will be dead xD
  5. Absolutely, they barely managed to keep up last year, and with KERS for Caterham and HRT they will struggle even more.
  6. I know it, just I still don't understand, why it was impossible to buy the Cosworth or Mercedes KERS. I'm very sorry for Timo Glock
  7. Yea indeed :s Such a good driver on such a bad team now :s I bet he's already frustrated before the season starts :s
  8. Great mod but there is one problem, it will not let the game save. I did a fresh install and my game saved perfectly. I installed the mod and it stopped saving. It wont even save manually. Just thought I would bring this to you guys attention.
  9. Do you have other mods installed too perhaps ? Or is it only when you install my mod ?
  10. No my install is fresh from steam and the only mods I'm using is the ultimate t-cam mod, hd livery 2.2 and the hd wheels. I took your mod out and it started saving again. Put it back in and it stopped saving.
  11. Thats really weird cause in my game it worked without any problems.
  12. It works great but it won't save any progress in career
  13. Can i have the original files if you have them because i forgot to back up i just dont like how overpowered they are? Regards
  14. Dude... I can't seem to get the files you made where one CAN use kers for HRT... may I have it again PLEASE?
  15. Does it works in f1 12