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Skins Team 75 Bernhard #117 Total 24h Spa 2017-08-01

#Porsche #911GT3R #Spa24h

  1. fansport


  2. Mr.Mugel


    If you would have asked, I would have supplied the source files for the textures from my GT Masters skin which you´ve used as a base (At least the tyres and the reflection map, which you should have just deleted, it´d still have looked better than using one from a different skin, shadowing wrong reflections in). I don´t really mind, but if you use my stuff as a base, do it properly. And maybe, like, ask first?

    Just as a friendly tip for the next skin you might do. I also hope you do. And if you ever have questions, maybe about how the reflection map works, feel free to ask openly on the forum or shoot over a PM. The community here is quite nice.
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2017