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TCS - Help!!

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Carlos Jimenez, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. Hi guys, I´m struggling with TCS in normal mode. Can you give me some advices to handle this... I want to take it off completely to concentrate on quiting the automatic transmission.

    I´m playing with the xbox normal pad. So I think my problem is calculating the force I push the throttle button. :frown:

    Anyone? :frown:
  2. Push it less?

    Sorry you dont actually say what your problem is, so Ill have to assume you mean you are spinning, and if you are spinning, it means too much throttle too soon, so push it less, or short shift (if using manual) to calm the back end down.

    Hard as nails to drive manual without TCS on a gamepad, so good luck with that.
  3. Dave Begley

    Dave Begley

    No idea about using a pad but just keep trying.

    After a while you get used to it. Try not over reving and only put power down when your pointing in a straight line to start with.

    If the car is slightly out of shape and you power your more likely to lose the backend.

    but practice is the only thing that will work.
  4. Yes my problem is spinning at the exit of corners... I think is harder with the pad but I have to get use to it... I don´t even wanna know how it´s gonna be when i quit the automatic gears...
  5. Maybe try reducing the sensitivity of your throttle control till you get the hang of it.

    I would suggest using manual gears now - it will help you control spinning the rear wheels as you can short-shift to a higher gear which is something auto doesnt do.

    Also, if you learn with TCS off now but with auto gears, you will have to learn all your breaking points and how to control the car all over again when you do actually go manual. So thats 2 learning curves rather than just 1 as you will have to re-learn how to not make the back slide when you slam in a few gear changes and benefit from engine braking.

    The way I broke the back of learning it all at the same time was the Brazil wet TT competition for 2010. No assists allowed, and needing to get a good time to try and win the competition gave me the determination to crack manual gears and no traction control.
    In a week, and about 1000 laps, I was in total control of the car and have never looked back since.
  6. Thanks for the advice, What i need to do is to practice, practice and then practice again jajaja