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Targa Florio, anyone?

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Vilmos Vas, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. I am totally amazed by two things in simracing: one is netKar PRO, and the other one is Targa Florio for Grand Prix Legends.
    What do you think, is it possible to convert Targa Florio to be usable in nKP? If so, would anyone do it? I'd even pay some money for it.
    I've never ever did anything related to track creating and modding, so I'm not the person who can make this tremendous work, but I'd love to drive any car in nKP on the gorgeous Targa Florio with its 60km!
  2. agree and I add the "green hell" to this "crazy" wish list :D

    Aldo ? from Italy ? allora diventa membro ufficiale a RD e fai un salto nel nostro club, ciao
  3. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    I think they are currently converting Targa Florio to rFactor. Not sure how much work is involved to put it (with permission) in netKar.
  4. Ciao, Alessandro! Actually I am hungarian, but I love italian food :D , arts and the language itself, and our flags are quite similar. I can't understand italian, so I don't know what you wrote in the second part of your post.
    Anyway, Nordschleife would be awesome too, but that's a kart track compared to Targa Florio. :D
  5. I was inviting you to became a licensed member and help Peter Bartfai in Hungaryan team at NATIONS GP ;)
  6. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Did somebody contacted the rFactor Targa conversion team about this track?
  7. Will try it Bram.

    Thanks for the invitation Alessandro. I'm afraid I don't have enough time to participate in a league. It's a shame...
  8. yes, it's a pity ..... but try sometimes to drive with us :thumb:
  9. This track would be awesome in nKPro, just tried the GPL version. Really great as I think noone can learn so much corners:) Really challenging. The Shelby Daytona would be perfect for it;)
  10. Yeah, driving the Shelby there would be sick.
    Anyway, I e-mailed one of the guys who convert it to rFactor, but he didn't reply to me yet.
  11. Hy guys, I'm an italian rookie. Greetings to all.
    Would be great to have the Targa Florio in Nkpro.
    I recently found out NKpro and it's a fantastic sim.
    Ci vediamo in pista
  12. we have to :D

    welcome aboard mate :thumb:
  13. It would be amazing if such a track/road finds its way to netkar.What netkar lacks is a dozen normal cars and a few high quality tracks\roads.

    Some tracks you can find are good,some are crap and some are almost impossible to find anywhere...I am glad that finally the hillclimb gets released and i truly believe with another road/mountain like that,a few high quality tracks a dozen cars and some improvements on graphics(real time lighting,hdr,3d grass/trees/spectators/volumetric fog/smoke) netkar could be the definite sim out there.