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targa floria runtime error?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by james, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. how do i get running? same thing with iom. do i need a mod to run long tracks?
  2. Dennis Phelan

    Dennis Phelan
    more about staying on track. Premium

    All mod tracks should be installed to your Steam\steamapps\your user name\race07\Gamedata\Locations folder. If you have never loaded a mod track you must create the Gamedata and Locations folders.
  3. i know where they go.just targa and isle of man stop loading and ctd with run time error. does race 07 run long tracks? i remember gpl needed a patch.
  4. Dennis Phelan

    Dennis Phelan
    more about staying on track. Premium

    Sorry, I have run both without problem. It's been reported in the past that you need 3G of memory available to run the Targa.
  5. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    IOM loads for me and so does Targa but because i don't have a proper gaming PC these two tracks take a few minutes for them to load. At first Targa wouldn't load so i turned off Shadows and Reflection Effects and it loaded.
  6. I have four gig ram but only three available when I run a 32kb Operating system (a known limit). I can run Targa in 3GB memory but only with shadows and reflection effects turned off. If I want them on I have to run it under a 64Bit OS to get my 4GB memory.

    We should have a hotlap competition but if RD don't have a server with 3GB memory we could use the time attack facility and then see each others virtual laps (if we upload our laps to the time attack feature of the game).