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Talent files: two files for same driver possible?

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by JeDa, Jun 27, 2016.

  1. hi,
    I am trying to edit and create some talent files. I have a 1991 F1-mod and a 1998 F1 mod. In both mods i have Mika Hakkinen. In the 91 mod he drove for lotus and was not very fast. In 98 he was the fastest. So thats why i created two talent files for him. I put one in a folder called f1-1991 and the other in f1-1998. Both are subfolders of the main talentfolder. Both talent files have the same name. However this doesnt work. So my question is: is it possible to have two talent files for one driver? If yes, how should i do that?

    Many thanks!
  2. Yes, you can do it using srs files.
    In your 91 mod's srs file, just after max opponents and before the season information, insert a config override pointing to the your talent folder.

    Here's an example, say you have all your talent files for the 91 mod in a folder called my91drivers:

    Max Opponents = 26 // maximum opponents in practice/quick race/grand prix/championship
    Min Championship Opponents = 5 // minimum opponents in championship only


    // Seasons:

    Now your 91 mod will use that folder, and you can create a separate talent folder for the 98 mod, with the '88 srs file pointing to it my88drivers in the same way.
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  3. Thanks! I ll try it as soon as i get back home!
  4. Many thanks! It works great! I have another question: how can i assign a different physics file to a car i downloaded? I found an 96 F1 car. This is installed in it's own folder (gamedata\f1-1996\teams\arrows). I want it to use the default F_V12 physics in stead of the physics file it comes with. I guess i have to change the line HDVehicle=F1_1996.hdv to HDvehicle=F_V12.HDV. But i cant find the file F_V12.hDV on my system so i dont know where to put it. Can you help me?
  5. The Reiza hdv files are coded in, so you won't find them in the folders. I don't know if changing that line will be enough to make it use the physics. The best thing to do is try it and see if it works. If not, maybe it will work if you put your new car files into the V12 vehicles folder, then look at a V12 .veh file and make sure that your new veh file has all the same references to V12 files. I think it is possible, but it could take some trial and error to get it up and running. Good luck :)