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T500RS with Fanatec pedals and shifter

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by ben c, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. I'm thinking about upgrading my wheel. I currently have a Fanatec CSR. I mainly play rfactor with the ProjectD mod. I really want the t500 because of its 1080 degrees of rotation and the quick wheel spin it has; its perfect for what I'm doing. One thing i need to know is, can you use pedals and a shifter by fanatec with the t500rs.
  2. I think that depends on exactly what pedals you have. The more expensive ones can be used as stand alone usb pedals, the cheaper ones might not have this option but I honestly don't know. The shifter I'm quite sure can't be used without a Fanatec wheel.
  3. Kevin Ascher

    Kevin Ascher
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    Are you really sure about the shifter?
    The basic Fanatec Porsche shifters I used to have, could only be connected to the wheel.
    Not sure about newer shifters or the upcoming CLubsport shifter unit.
  4. No as I said I'm quite confident that they can't be used stand alone. I expect the Clubsport shifter to be usb but that's not out yet.
  5. The reason why I'm asking about the csr shifter with the t500 is because im not looking to spend 600+ dollars on a new wheel
  6. Well if you have the CSR pedals (these: http://eu.fanatec.com/Pedals/CSR%20Pedals%20EU ) then you can't use them stand alone, but then again those are potentionmeter pedals just like the ones that come with the T500 (which are decent pedals mind you), so you might as well use the Thrustmaster pedals instead. If you have the CSR-Elite pedals or better, then you have a loadcell brake pedal, but then you also have the option of running them as USB standalone pedals so there's that issue solved for you.

    The shifters are properitary, no Fanatec wheel = no shifter. The upcoming shifter will most likely be the first to change that though. There MIGHT exist a Fanatec shifter adapter, like the one Leo Bodnar makes for the Logitech shifter, but I haven't seen one and I honestly don't think the Fanatec shifters are popular enough to warrant someone making an adapter. If you don't want to loose the shifters nor buy a new one (the Thrustmaster TH8 RS shifter knocks those Fanatec shifters out of the water), then you will need to upgrade to a better Fanatec wheel, but that will run you 600+ dollars like you said you didn't wanna spend.

    If you ask me then I'd say get the Thrustmaster shifter (or wait for the new Fanatec one, but I suspect it will be more expensive), you won't regret it cos it makes your current shifter seem like toys.

    Also, do you really need 1080 degrees rotation? I rarely find myself using the full 900 on my GT3 wheel, can't see the use of the extra rotation, but that's me. :)
  8. Also i want it to be just like real life when it comes to wheel reaction when drifting. The t500 spins the fastest out of all the wheels and also is the only wheel with 1080
  9. Do you already have a G27 shifter? Cos if you're buying those + the adapter which will set you back £20, you are in my opinion wasting money ><
    The TH8 RS is SO much better than the G27 shifter, but each to his own. :)
  10. Im trying to be cheap the th8 is expensive
  11. I have a budget of 500 u.s dollars
  12. I don't have a g27 shifter they are like 30 dollars