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T500RS Problem - PC is off but the wheel is on

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Kimi Asumaniemi, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. I have had the T500RS for 6 days now and it's a fabulous wheel. But now I have a problem, not a big one, but it annoys me:

    Just before my PC shuts off the wheel starts calibration. And then the PC shuts off and the calibration is unfinished. The wheel is at about 100 degrees to the left and ''mode'' light is on. When I woke up in the morning the wheel was quite warm and it smelled burned! So I don't wan't to leave it on overnight.

    I also noticed that there flashes a green light on my USB hub at the same time when the wheel starts calibration. I don't have the wheel connected to the hub.

    I don't know if this is PC's or the wheel's fault but I suspect the wheel as this started 2 days after I got the T500. And this didn't happen with G27.

    Hopefully I was clear enough.
  2. Peter

    who cares Premium

    My wheel also callibrates when I turn Windows off, so I never leave it plugged.
    I'm on Windows 8.
  3. my advice to turn the steering wheel when fully booted, turn off at the end of the game before turning off the computer.
  4. Maybe I just have to unplug it before turning the PC off. Though I wouldn't like to do it as my TH8RS USB broke some time ago. It seemed to be a badly made USB. I have a new one now and it works. But I'm still afraid that the USB can broke again.

    And I have Windows 7.
  5. Maybe somehow windows messed the calibration. Have you tried this:
    Unplug the wheel completely, uninstall TM drivers, clean your system registers with appropriate program (Ccleaner or similar), install drivers again and be sure you don't plug the wheel before install asks to do so. After the wheel installation is over, reboot the system before you use the wheel.
  6. I just turn off power to the wheel without removing the USB
  7. You mean removing the power supply?

    Jebus - I did everything as should when installing the wheel. So I don't know why it would be messed up...
  8. Me too, I have extension cord with power switch, so it powers off everything. But still wheel shouldn't start calibration process when pc shuts down. That's possibly causing Kimi's wheel to heat up.
  9. Well it's computer and we all know how those can behave sometimes. Very easy to do what I suggested and then you know that at least it's not the wheel installed bad.
  10. So I completely uninstalled the wheel and the shifter. And then I first installed the wheel again. I did everything as said in instructions. Didn't wan't to install the shifter yet. I had only the wheel installed for 3 days. And it didn't start calibration when it turned my PC off.

    On the 3rd day I installed the shifter. Again I did everything as said in instructions. On the 1st time when I shut off the PC with the shifter installed, also the wheel shut off and didn't calibrate. The problem seemed to be solved and I was relieved.

    But it wasn't. Today I shut off the PC and...the wheel started calibration. :mad:
    One thing that I noticed was that the wheel calibrated in sections when I didn't have the shifter installed. And when I installed the shifter, the wheel did the calibration at once.

    Any ideas or solutions?
  11. Peter

    who cares Premium

    This is not a problem, my wheel always calibrates whe I turn the PC off when the power is on. I always pull the power plug before I shut down Windows.
  12. This is very hard to troubleshoot properly as I can't see your system and everything what's going on there.

    If my wheel was doing that I'd consider it a big problem and wouldn't stop before I find a solution. But that's just me.

    Kimi, you can do what Peter suggests, at least as a first aid. But what ever you do, don't leave the wheel power on if it gets hot, that's no good and most certainly not normal. I can have my simrig on for a full day and my wheel doesn't heat up unless I drive with it.

    Sorry to say but at this point I think the best thing to do is to start google with your problem. Unless someone else comes here with the solution.
  13. Devil_Dog

    I walk the line.

    How many devices do you have hooked up via usb? Also, you may have too many things plugged into the same wall outlet. May need to spread out the power to another outlet.
  14. I have already tried Google but with no results. I'll continue that though.
    I have the wheel and the shifter connected to the front of the the computer. And then I have the USB hub and Logitech Unifying, with mouse and keyboard, connected to the back.

    Yes I have the whole computer connected to one wall outlet. I have one extension cord which goes to another wall outlet so I could try to connect something to there.
  15. I wouldn't connect a wheel and a gearstick nowhere else but back USB ports.
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  16. Hi again.

    Still no solution but I contacted TM couple days ago and got a reply. They think that something must be wrong with my motherboard but the wheel is alright. They believe that when I turn off my PC the wheel doesn't receive enough voltage or amperage to turn itself down. If that's true the only way to get rid of this then is to buy a new MB? Or could the BIOS settings have the answer? I have no experience with BIOS but I just thought it.

    They, too, recommended to plug off the wheel and I know it's not a big task. But I just don't want to do that every day. Firstly because the USB ports of my PC are in a tricky place and secondly because the wheel just isn't intended to start calibration before the PC shuts off.

    I know it's hard to help and there might be no solution. I'll continue searching.
  17. Peter

    who cares Premium

    There is no problem, I leave the USB plugged and un-plug the power before turning th PC off.
  18. You might not consider it as a problem Peter, but that doesn't mean it isn't one.

    What motherboard you have Kimi? At least asus have very easy program (Asus update) to update BIOS. We can continue with PMs at KRP Forums (or here, I don't care. Just so we can use Finnish.) and I'll get you instructions how to flash bios. It's quite easy process nowdays with most mobos. And would be smart thing to do before buying new one.
  19. For me this is a problem because I didn't have to unplug any of my earlier wheels!
    Good, I have Asus, the model is P7P55D.

    We can PM here Jebus. Thank you for the help! :)
  20. I have the G27 so don't know how things work with Thrustmaster, but is there an application which is running when calibration is taking place?

    Does windows have the ability to disable a service when shutting down so it doesn't happen?

    Also some motherboards have AI charger (My Sabertooth does) so if you leave USB devices plugged into a certain USB port then it will continue to charge the device and leave it on even when the PC is switched off (not from mains)