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T500 vs G27

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by angelooliveira, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. Please, I need advices about my new wheel. I've already have a Momo Logitech and would like some tips about which one to buy;
    - G27 or T500???

    I know about the price there is a big difference, but is it worth?? Is T500 so much better then G27?? I use to play iracing, rfactor2 and Stock Car the game.

    If someone has another idea about a nice choice and not so expensive, i really appreciate.

    Thank you!!! :)
  2. It'll take something like a T500 to knock over a G27.
    I assume you have a sim rig....if so, I'd go T500 as you can invert the pedals etc, but you may also need the F1 wheel to drive fast open wheelers as T500 has static paddle shifters on the standard wheel....G27 is a real weapon with fast open wheelers.

    You can also buy a much better shifter for T500, but of course, now the cost diff is huge.
  3. T500 is in another league compared to G25/7. I´ve had them all,

    The pedals are imo just as bad as the Logitech ones..almost. No loadcell yet,
  4. MrPix

    Project Immersion

    Been through quite a few Logi wheels... G25 then G27. They were great, but I now have the T500...as Hampus says, it's in a different league (well the wheel is). But does the T500 justify the price?

    The G27 comes with a H-Shifter (which works OK, not great, but OK), the 900 degree rotation is very nice and the pedals aren't going to wear out very quickly.... and all for around £200 GBP and there are mods out there to improve the pedals (load cell etc).

    The T500 RS is pricy at nigh on £400, the H-Shifter is VERY good, but an extra £120 and the F1 wheel is another £130... the pedals have got better resolution than the G25/G27 at 1024 bits stock, but the feel is much the same.... all in you could spend £450 more than a G27.

    In summary, I'd get the T500 over the G27, but only if I had other immersion enhancement tools already. I love to get immersed.... but would I buy the T500 again if I had to choose between other immersive equipment such as triple monitors or TrackIR or the T500 over a G27.... I'd probably go with the G27 and spend the rest of the cash on triple monitors and TrackIR!

  5. $600+ just for a Shifter....6 speed gate.