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t300rs vs t500

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by esfores, Sep 2, 2014.

t500 or t300rs

Poll closed Sep 9, 2014.
  1. t500

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  2. t300rs

  1. hello guys,

    I can get the thrustmaster t300Rs and and the t500rs for about the same price.
    Which one should i get?
    I will need to mount the steering wheel on my desk that is 5cm thick, is the bracket long enough for this? (can't find any information about this)
  2. T300RS because its quieter, cooler and smoother. The FFB just feels great with the brushless motor design.
  3. thanks for the reply! But isn't the FFB stronger in the t500rs?
  4. Yes, but not enough that would sway my opinion. If it was all about pure force, you would be looking at a Bodnar or Accuforce wheel.
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