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Symprojects SimScreen SS-01 Released

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Brian Clancy, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. Symprojects latest master piece has been released! A fully plug n play, USB, user programmable LCD display with all the software drivers/plugins and editor to make your own telemitry displays! (or just d/l mine at Symprojects!). At £49 plus delivery, this an amazing bit of kit for very little money!

    The screen comes complete with two buttons/leads to alternate between up to five diffrent display screens in real time, offering masses of information at your finger tips!

    vv.jpg small_SimScreen-5.jpg

    A full review will follow shortly, but if you cant wait, you can read all about it and / or buy it HERE at the Symprojects website now.

  2. AMAZING!!! ordering mine on payday... Thanks for the info. I check this site every morning wen i wake up and when I find something like this it's a real treat! Keep up the great work!!!
  3. THink i'll have to get me on of these!!
  4. Yet another feature for my planned dashboard... :tongue:
  5. Awesome Brian!! Maybe Santa will place this under the tree for Christmas! :)
  6. They need to support every button/feature that can be used in rFactor:rolleyes:. I been playing around with this for a day trying to get the pit speed limiter to work, then read the spread sheet showing it's not supported in rFactor :eek::frown:. If other devices such as SLI-Pro can sense the pit speed limiter and other buttons/features in rFactor, why can't the SS-01 config app do it also. Hardware is fine for what you pay, would have been nice to have a color LCD (cell phone display ?) but that would prob up the cost a lot. Needs more work on the software side. The software feels like it's based on LCDSmartie :cool:.