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Switching engines?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Kris Cabrera, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. hey guys i was about to switch my engine out for my race because i want to use one engine for practice and qualifying, but i didn't want to switch it out right before the race because i was scared of a penalty. Is there somewhere were you could switch it out before the race??

    Or if i am doing it totally wrong what would be the best way?

  2. there is no penalty as far as i know i have heard of people changing the engines before races and thats a good idea i started to do the same thing now i never used to do it as i didnt see the point but now i do just to have something to do :)
  3. yea i hear its best to use one engine for practice one for qualifying and one for racing, but am not really sure what system i really want to go with, you have any preference, or the best way to keep those engines lasting long?
  4. i really just use the same engine for practice and qualy and then keep one for races it seems to serve the purpose pretty well and when your one race engine starts to degrade too much then just use a fresh one i usually change the engine when its gone past 70% this usually doesnt happen too much as i dont go hard on the revs anymore but it has happened on one occassion

    i would do the same with my practice engines also :)
  5. i actually changed out one of my engines will i was in practice =, and it cancelled my practice and through me into Qualifying, i thought you could change them right before a race?
  6. Engine changes take a looong time to do, though, you should miss two practice sessions max. I usually use engines up to races im good at, which are spaced rather evenly for a season, so I'll use engine, get to race like montreal, swap engine, ect
  7. oh so you wanna swap engines will your in practice sessions, because if i understand correctly you have 2 practice sessions and you could use one up changing your engine correct?
  8. yeah or just change it at the end of a practice session with the last 5 mins and it will be changed for the next one thats what i do and then you dont waste your practice session on an engine change :)
  9. Nice thanks!
  10. no probs :)
  11. If you have an R&D objective incomplete I think you fail it when you change engines.
  12. that hasnt happened to me so far
  13. It does for me. Say if I enter P1 (and there's an R&D available) but do an engine change before anything else. It then forwards to P2 but the R&D isn't there anymore. Have to do it at the next race.
  14. mmm? thats odd maybe that does happen on my game ill dheck it out and let you know
  15. yea that happens on my game too its really annoying, but i dont change engines often
  16. i tried that out last night it does happen on mine but i do it with every race and i have alot of R&D upgrades its wierd
  17. Using 20% dist of the race I have reached last event - Yas marina.
    So, I have all my engines in VERY GOOD condition. it's about 91-95%. Is this a bug?
    Maybe, at 100% distance of the race I could see the other picture?!
  18. zzz
  19. What does that mean, pal? :)
  20. heyy everyone. i just bought the game. i did the sakhir race in my lotus. about 20 laps an each practice session. and i qualified 17th using 5 laps. then i did the 49 lap race. didnt push too hard. and after all that my engine was only at 95%. is that a bug? thatks. take care people.