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WIP Sweet Lamb, Wales Rally GB

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by eno72, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. updated video of whole stage. Nearly complete for RX plugin.

  2. Very nice! I feel that it has a nice GB athmosphere in it. Difficult to explain with words. :) How imminent is the release?
  3. thanks. I still have to add blended materials here and there, some more marshalls and spectators, pacenotes and some invisible planes to prevent falling off too far or cutting, it should not take much, I say within September, just to stay on the safe side (but definitevely before the real Rally Wales GB 2009 where they will repeat this stage!)
  4. Good track geometry, relief and ech., but track look like not finish yet, essential in finish zone, its need small bush, diferent grass or something... Roadside is not have "kerb". I know taht is not easy with BTB, but you can used much wide road with diferent texture, and diferent shape...
  5. in fact it's still WIP and I'm better texturing grass and scenery for that, while also completing the finish area... I watched many videos and photos of the Sweet Lamb complex, vegetation is really low and consists mainly of grass, to reflect reality I should even take off a lot of bushes.
    But you are right on roadside: presently v0.7 is really slow when shaping the track, so I left out almost completely the ditches, which are actually present in the real track. On the other hand, track shape was modelled for width and camber to have a good driving experience. So, more detailed road shape and textures will come hopefully when v0.8 is released, because I cannot afford waiting 10 seconds for each vertex I move on the main track.
  6. I don't say that you track is terallbe or something, ofcourse not. Every entuziast works is great, but to good work not enough to say that you track is perfekt or like that. I think that little critic or advices is much more better...
    About grass a think that she is different on the hill, op and down, And you landskape look much more realistic, not monotonic.
    I too work on track with more photos and videos, but others people don't see my track in real life and not need more realistic details...
  7. sorry if I gave a wrong impression in my answer, it's maybe my personal attitude which is not 100% prone to criticism, but the scope of the community is really to discuss in order to improve the projects and not just say "what a beautiful track" to everyone.
    Of course all your comments are very reasonable and can be useful for other tracks as well!
    Making grassy hills is indeed difficult and, if you use small textures (and/or you repeat them too many times) you have also that ugly chequered flag effect. After making the video I continued the blending work on the hills and it looks better and better if you try to give variety to different areas.
    Another point is that also the videos on youtube give wrong impressions, because the colours and details are much confounded by quality degradation. It is so recommendable to accompany a video by some screenshots, I will see to that.
  8. yes with grass on the hill must to find compromis how do that. I in my track, still working with the cerb and roadside area. Next my step is grass, but i don't know how correct do that. Yes in BTB can overlay two textures, but some speak that it's not work after import to 3Dmax... Maybe, must to create mediate textures or junction of two different panel conceal with grass model
  9. Well, the finish zone is just as "boring" in real life as it is on this track. And eno72 is also right about the vegetation, there is hardly any of it in Sweet Lamb... I don't want to sound aggressive, just bringing up some points. :)
  10. Ok, this is a real shot from the finish area (copyright by OLU, geograph.co.uk). We can definitely agree it's quite "boring" :rotfl:.
    What is important is that you don't get bored by driving on it!!

    @ Barbje_Keller: blending will be lost in max, you have to rethink entirely your textures as it is in original RBR. And about ditches and holes, if one wants to go through max, it's better to make them there where required, instead of adding lots of unnecessary poligons all along the track.

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  11. Exactly! :)
  12. if you look better - you will see that landscape is very interesting and grass is different not only on one texture. But we talk about how make really good track and impression of them, I think... :struggle:
    And I hope, that hear yours comment about my track when I post them in future... :curl-lip:
  13. ...we are very close...

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  14. woou, ...how you make this sky?
  15. It looks very similar to reality... great job!

  16. Finnish flag spotted! :D

    Awesome job, looks really nice! :)
  17. A typical Welsh summers day :)
  18. arrrrf!

    looking forward to this stage as well man....

    (so much goodness just waiting in the wings atm)
  19. eno72, I though sky like that was only possible in wallaby. How did you make that...your track look superb!