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Released Sweet Lamb 1.0 (Rally Wales GB)

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by eno72, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. 22 April 2010:
    Track available in original format through the RBR-Online utility.
    Join us at:

    Disclaimer for version in RBR format:
    The "Sweet Lamb" special stage, included in RBR-Online 2010, must be considered an integral part of this utility. The use of the stage in other plugins or external utilities, its redistribution, its modification and the use of its separate components (as for example, but not limited to, objects and textures), is expressely prohibited.
    The RBR-Online team will reserve the decision of releasing the stage to the public until it will be appropriate to do so.

    Download of RX version no more available.
  2. wow!!!, great stage, I found only one thing missing..... Stonians!!, they are everywhere!! Every time I watch rally highlights on tv, there is a Stonian flag somewhere :smile-big:
    Anyway, excellent work my friend. Thank you very much
  3. this is top notch, it really is. and the first stage ready that is driven in WRC, i believe.


    although it might be a bit harsh to draw any big conclusions, to me it seems one really can compare the stage times, which just adds to the fun. i'm too ashamed to tell anyone my time so far, but let's just say that without the silly mistakes (that i'm prone to do) i would be faster than matthew wilson. easily. :laugh2:

    so thank you, eno72, well done. really, really well done.
  4. Without any dubt, the best RX track I have ever seen, it is very funny to drive and the scenery is very accurate!
    20/10 from me, mate! I am very proud to work with a team mate like you!:thanks:
  5. Thanks a lot, for doing something for RBR :)
    I tested it and had my suspension too soft, so I dived int the road twice in the dips. First I wondered, what has happened, then I realized it. Some objects have not the right collison i think, but that's not a problem, and you sure wanted it like this. Really nice track, nice hairpin, where you get pressed in :bang:
    And the scenery really looks great. Are the iceplates in the tight K-Left slipperly? I will test again:fwd:
  6. Fantastic job Eno, I love this track! :in-love:


    P.S.: I have post the new at rbr-online forum. :good:
  7. mate, fantastic job! really enjoyed the stage - am definitely gonna try and use it on our next club event :thumb:
  8. very very beautiful stage....

    great Job Eno!
  9. Great great work!! This sky, this feeling to drive a real stage, that's awesome. Thanks for this beautiful stage eno72!! I drove it very slowly a few times just to admire the level of details... (cameraman, flags, bridge, textures of the vegetation,...) :)
    I hope you will permit to use it "online" on french plugin rallysim because it deserves it! :question:
  10. :plus1:
  11. Excellent work! :)

    Very detailed, very good framerate and the scenery is really realistic! The realistic sky combined to the details makes the experience very real.

    Thanks so much for this! I hope your group's work doesn't stop here! ;)
  12. amazing work :) hope you now converting in wallaby
  13. I don’t have RBR, but after seeing the quality of the screen shots and reading the comments from “in-game” I could see myself buying RBR soon.

    I occasionally travel near here; you have really managed to capture the look of the mountains and feel of this stage.

    First class
  14. its not possible, because he used blending textures. This can´t converted to native rbr file form. If you find a way (a file form) wich can handle multimaterials and a importer/exporter for 3dsmax/BTB than i will ask wally if is possible to implement it at his editor.

  15. maybe this can be misunderstood: blending itself cannot be converted. Currently the stage could be converted to original format, even if it would need a lot of work, especially retexturing of terrain and many other things. It is not impossible, and generally the work done in btb is not lost, especially if one starts already oriented to RBR format and does not care about textures in btb.

    Let's go back to the track. I'm really glad you enjoy the stage, this is encouraging for me!
    I wish to quickly reply to some of you:
    @ manticorebp: I will remember of other nations' flags in the future, especially Stonians!
    @porridge: sorry to disappoint you, but in 2008 they started after the first long sx, because of icy conditions. On the other hand it was very wet, rainy and snowy, so we cannot make comparisons.
    @toergish: I edited the material of the snowy gravel to... snowy gravel, so it should have some effect.
    @Andrew Evans and gegewrc: I'm already in contact with RSRBR admins.
    @justas: I hope we'll do that
    @fatboymart: if a man from South Wales says it looks alright, I'm simply delighted!
  16. Does wally even hand out wallaby to btb users?
  17. yes, if you retexturing all blending texture, than it is possible. But than you will loose your track look. make this great texturing without blending, it will take same time as you biuilt this track before (i think so)

    i don´t know your polygones, if you make wrong, shadows can´t created. without shadows it will never implement to cz plugin (thats only wallys rule). But for converting without shadows, i can help you. i m testing many houres, today there only some little problems, but no problems without solve.

  18. thanks Lamda, I'm now working with Delu, who is in contact with you, so you see it's a small world. As for the textures: it will take even more time, simply because texturing in btb is so easy and quick. The result will be different, and your textures must comprise many transitions because blending, even if used in original RBR, cannot be implemented yet.
  19. By knowing Eno, I ASSURE the textures will be impressive as these also in RBR native format! :th_jtteglad:
  20. heck! now I'm framed! :neutral: