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Misc Sweet FX F1 2015 2015-07-13


  1. m.engelhardt submitted a new resource:

    Sweet FX F1 2015 - SweetFX

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    Last edited: Jul 13, 2015
  2. Have you a pic? :)
  3. sorry , make some pics here and there for a small change...no.
    It´s the first working SweetFX so try out !
    Have to install fraps and so on to make some screen shots. But it works for F1 2015 without reshade setup.
    Try... i ´ve heared everithing above 1900x600 is without blur.
    For me is horrible!!
    My Config:
    Alienware 17 (Laptop)
    Intel i7 4700
    Nvidia Gtx 880m (8Gb) 1600x900 (only 980 and 970 is better for Lappi)
    16 GB Ram
    850 Samsung EVO SSD
    For me ist ´s like a Rainbow grafic....like old 3D without glasses and cant figure out to change
    this effect. So Sad.
    This SwettFX mod is a liitle bit more my taste, but BLUR and DOF still there
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  4. ok thanks :) and with which program you edited it?
  5. No program,
    i´ve about a hundred setups and different sweetfx files.
    So i´ve tried out whats working and what´s the best shader. That all.
    But i´ve not much time to edit some good basics like this i postet here.
    For me Colour is real, brightness is good , shape`s good but this damn BLUR!!!!!!!
    But for editing you only need Windows Editor. Its a text file.But to know about the settings is the difficult
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  6. The Database is a ERP File and i will change it so :D But thanks :)
  7. No problem , everyone want a working SweetFX file so on.
    I deliver it and maybe ohters get a good setup file...hope so:)
    I thought is a textfile to edit (SweetFX_settings.txt)

    P.S. I told i´ve collected so much FX files so i don´t know who´s the original poster!
    So all Credits to the real poster! not to me !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2015
  8. Thanks, but Steam won't start my game after I put the files in the game folder... Only after I removed them again the game would start :(
  9. Vangelis Parginos

    Vangelis Parginos
    Premium Member

    Black screen for me at full screen, at window mode is ok....
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  10. the game does not start
  11. Hm, do you use Windows 8.1 ?
    Maybe there is the problem, i´m on Win 8 so i can´t check this.
    For me works without any problems.
  12. start the Game .exe with Admin rights, maybe this will solve your problem
  13. Windows 8.1 here, the game does not start. When I start the game Steam wants to download smth and then says servers are busy oO
  14. So it seems it doesn´t work for win 8.1. Sorry Folks
  15. I found a SweetFX preset for F1 2013 by Alkmndza, which I've modified a bit for F1 2015. It lifts the colours slightly; I think it's better, but it's very subtle and personal I guess. Also be aware that my PC is a bit puny so my game runs in 1920x1080 with some details reduced in settings. TAA is on, SMAA off in game.

    Just to stress this file isn't my work, just my tweaks, all credit to Alkmndza for the original file.

    sweet_fx_off.jpg sweet_fx_on.jpg

    Attached Files:

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  16. looks great, i wil try. thanks
  17. sorry never used sweetfx before, how do you get this to work?
  18. Vangelis Parginos

    Vangelis Parginos
    Premium Member

    You just put the files from the downloaded zip, inside your main game folder.

    this files

  19. While playing around with the settings of SweetFX i came across the chromatic aberration setting. When enabled the game crashes with a black screen but when disable it works completely fine.
  20. You can go stronger on the colors and change the gamma a bit, the image is still very soft imo.