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Released Swedish RBR Tracks

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by jacken64, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. Here you can download and test my first BtB work
    BtB page from Sweden:D

  2. What is the track called? Having a thread title like that is not acceptable and linking to a site that many do not speak the language of also does not help.
  3. sorry. I just wanted to share my home-made tracks . If you want, you can download them here


    sorry for my bad English
  4. Very nice to drive! Vegetation, road, it's great except the lenght of the stage :zip:. It's too short !! :wink:
  5. This is real good looking and feeling tracks, only one thing as said gegewrc - it is too short!:D
  6. Backaminuten this track is great - typical short swedish stage :D. This gravel is exelent - so tight :D
  7. This gravel is very very slippery. Too much?
  8. Thanks all.
    I have created a new track.
    a real rally track from sweden.
    take home and have fun
  9. Very nice work! A beautifull stage! I hope you will continue to build stages in order to create a rally!