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Suspension problems.

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by jrdn7, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. Me again! I'm having some real odd problems with my suspension set-ups. The standard set-up is 6/6 for springs, anti-roll bars & ride height and then -3.00 (front) & -1.50 (rear) for camber. Can't remember what the default toe angles are.

    Running the above settings I'm doing, for example, 1:18.xxx round Monaco. If I change anything, I end up doing 1:20.xxx or slower. In theory, lowering the ride height (more overall grip), softening the front springs (more front end grip), softening the front anti-roll bar (more front end grip), stiffening the rear anti-roll bar slightly (more rear traction) & putting a slight more angle on the front camber (more front grip) should give me a more grippy car, hence a faster lap time. Most circuits bring the same problem, though some are more pronounced than others.

    In S1 it wasn't such a problem, but near the end of S1 (Abu Dhabi on) and the start of S2 it's mad!
  2. In monaco you'll need a much stiffer front end to get your car to turn into the corners. Actual grip here isn't that important as there aren't many high speed corners. So on a tighter track you will need more steering response out of your car, so make it stiffer.

    Lots of tight turns = stiff front end.
    Lots of fast turns = softer front end.

    also make sure your wings are set high (I run my wings at 11/11 on monaco)

    and for added response go ahead and put the camber and toe settings all the way left.
  3. as he said :D
  4. Ahhh, thanks lad! So, regarding ride height, do I just set it all the way down to 1/1, then maybe bring it up to 2/2 if I'm bottoming out?
  5. You want it as low as possible, so you bottom out at top speed. If you are planning on attacking the kerbs, then you may need to raise it up a click. For example, at Suzuka I can run a 1/1 ride height without bottoming out, but I got a faster time by raising it to 2/2, because the car was more stable when I was using the kerbs.
  6. Thanks for everything lads! Got pole by 2 secs on expert with a much better set-up, suspension problems definately sorted!
  7. most of the times at 1/1 height i always get sparkles flying behind my car like im using NOs constantly, lol
  8. c
    your theory to soften up your front springs and leaving the rear at 6 is complete bull****. i read how renault set up their cars at monaco: -softer ARB ,stiffer fron ARB than rear for some turn in , you do need ride height there cause the surface is extremely bumby , and have a stiffer front springs and softer rear spring (in f12011 never run rear spring lower than 5 due to the bug with springs) for maximal taction and some responsiveness since the ARB are soften up. jope it helped a bit . heres the link for the guide : http://www.formula1.com/news/features/2009/5/9363.html
  9. Dimitrios, thanks for that mate. Gonna take a good read at that link, seems to be very in-depth.
  10. That's a very ineresting article. Most interesting bit for me was the aerodynamics part - could never really work out Monaco on that front - turns out you want high downforce for stability under acceleration and braking rather than for taking corners.

    Are there any other similar articles for other tracks?