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Surface Grip Mod

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by Kartik Sri Harsha, Jun 2, 2012.

  1. I was Working on the Surface Materials and after long time of Testing and Evaluation i got some Fine tuned Values where AI will be like as usual and We need to get hard to fight for Positions in all three Sessions
    Certainly we can't take corners Flat out due to reduced Grip and Yes Track will be Slippery some what due to reduced Friction and Grip levels.
    Link for Surface Grip Mod: https://rapidshare.com/files/1943236402/Surface_Mod_with_DB.rar

    I was still working on Lap times of AI in FF Mode and on average the Lap times are Decreased by 3 to 4 sec per lap than the Original Game and the Major thing i noticed in 100% races is like 2012 season if you push Hard and locking your Breaks also Going off track makes the Tire wear out Quickly. Currently Trying to Adjust that.

    Must Back up your save game First before using this Mod as this could Mess up your Career. Use prepatch flow.bin

    Comments would be appreciated and I was a Average racer and not the Quickest so i adjusted the times to be Equal for Average racer so that he can push hard in Legend
    If Possible please post your Fastest Q times with Track name , Time and Team so that i can Adjust if Times are Unreachable or Easy.....

    Thanks to Every one of this Community and Especially Kristian Nenov who helped me since the Very beginning
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  2. if I already have modifyed for my 2012 mod database.bin - what part of one I need take from your database.bin?
  3. You need to adjust the Lap times of tracks and Nothing else they are also still on Average base i was trying to make the times Competitive and look closer
  4. Here are My times I will update the Times on testing each and Every track with the RBR and Mclaren Mercedes cos these two are quickest in 2011 game
    Singapore Q3 time Mclaren - JB : 1:39.414
    Australia Q3 time Red Bull - SV : 1:26.915
    Malaysia Q3 time Red Bull - SV : 1:32.011
  5. Kartik good work thanks good effort..only you are working for F1 2011 mod.thanks again
  6. Thanx for your appreciation:)
    but there are lot of Guys who are working to Mod this Game.
    Post your experience of this Mod if possible
  7. I raced at Canada a moment ago.so they are very slow sector 3 I don't know why.but they are fast s2.s1 too.but s3 time really bad...but the track isn't slippery to much..are you try your mod in wet conditions
  8. I haven't edited in Wet cos it makes AI too slow in Wet. The CM made the Player has Enormous grip in Wet and when you have Wet to Dry conditions you will struggle like in real life you can't get grip correctly until the Track has a Dry line and So does AI
  9. Yep I understand you.
  10. One thing I forgot to tell The No.of Laps you made will not be equal to which showed in Tire selection menu. Because the the Amount of laps showed in Tire Selection menu was calculated by default grip level but the Tires will wear out pretty quickly due to Lot of External changes along with the New Grip Values
    If you are in Aus you need to do a 3 stopper instead of 2 which was default and According to old.
  11. That's strange. It should be the opposite! :confused:
  12. I've tested alot of times but finally got this Conclusion in the Tire selection
    with Default values Soft tires lasted for 14 laps and 2 laps more as i pushed them Less and With Latest Mod values Soft tires lasted 10 laps due to My pushing and i guess it could be 3 more laps they lasted
    And also i forgot that i had the Less grip of Tire scrub in testing so it also includes it for the Quick Tire wear
  13. That's very strange. The game calculations are including the grip. The more grip = the more tire wearout. You've touched anything else but grip?
  14. I've touched Grip,Friction and Hardness nothing else
  15. If i changed the Tire max distance and Tire wear level in db it was almost showed a 40 lap for Soft and 60 for Med i believe in a day of testing
    May be i think Hardness making the Things change like this
  16. tire max distance changes only the tires for the AI and the information shown in your garage. I mean.. At the strategy..

    It should be hardness at the looks of it.. :D You can change the tires life too by the way.. In real life, we didn't see 3-4 pit stops @ Monaco and 3-4 pit stops @ Montreal.. =/
  17. May be i will look into it but finding which hardness was effecting the tire life was tough
  18. Also if i got some Assistance to fine tune Surface grip will be Much Appreciated

  19. It's not hard, you just need testers.
  20. A question for Forum Members
    Actually How much grip we will have in tire Scrub or Marble zone if we consider 1.0 as Max Grip??