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Support the "Race Club"

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Reto Christiani, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. Race ... Race ... Race with this great Sim!!!
    check out the "Racing Club" section and get behind that wheel more often!!! it is so much more fun to drive online against real driver's then with the AI's!
    plus a good way to support this great sim and to make it more popular!
    still time to get registered for monday to hit the long straights of "Vanport Short" with 300km/h in a Formula Classic ... this will be and is a blast!!!!
  2. I guess the Race tonight will be canceled : ( with the best Sim in the best Mod on a suited and fast track!
    and I would like to find out why nobody wants to race online with GSC?
    No "League" at the moment and the "Race-Club" is deserted!!!
    fortunately there is the french community with some V8 and F1C activities, but then it is only one Open-Wheeler race per month.
    I just wonder what it needs to get pilots driving GSC for online races?
    is it the day, the hour or do you prefer other Sim's?
  3. I think many poeple like driving without championship or something else.
    They come, they see poeple online, they come in, they run. Nothing else.
    Servers are empty at this time...
  4. I can only speak for myself.
    Because of commitments I can only race Friday evening, Saturday or Sunday. Simple as that.
  5. For me it's the times. I would love to race you guys, but I simply can't. :(
  6. I only just found this thread. I'm totally in as I have been looking for a fun league outside of iracing. Can we stick to the v8s tho?
  7. All the Mods are supported in the Race Club and Chris does a good job in offering different races for them all.
    each of us has his own preferences (I dont like driving in a heavy spungy cage : ) and that makes it so difficult for him and almost impossible to please us all. not even mentioning the dates and time. but there were and will be V8 races.
    (just a personal hint > check out the F1 Classic ... they are really a blast to drive ... best Mod ever imho.)
  8. Because there isnt a rankings system..... oh wait :)
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  9. In truth i am still getting to grips with online racing. Im still used to playing the AI cos I can always press ESC and restart and the only person im effecting is myself. Whilst i have started playing iracing and getting used to set times for races, I'm still in the habit of just playing whatever i fancy whenever i fancy it. I not a good racer, i have trouble staying on the track all the time and dont want to spoil others racer nor spend 40 mins being lapped lol ... but I have applied for LM status and will sign up :)
  10. Matt Horst

    Matt Horst

    As soon as my license comes through i would like to get involved in racing GSC online,however the race start times make it impossible for me.Races need to be later in the evening or on weekends for it to work for me because i don't get of work until 3:00 pm EST or later sometimes and that seems to be the starting time for most races.Perhaps if races were organized time zone specific for weekdays (i.e US or European time)and the same time zone for all on weekends it may work out for a larger pool of drivers.I currently race GSC online with a small group of friends who might also race but probably have the same time constraints.

    Also i suspect another problem with GSC may be the lack of gt,gtp, types of cars.I think a fair number of people including myself would prefer to be driving these types of race cars.I would love to drive a Pagani Zonda R on Nurburgring Nordschleife with the physics of GSC.Perhaps the update do out anytime now will spark more interest in the game.