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Super V8 setups

Discussion in 'Automobilista Setups' started by Queequeg, Jun 5, 2016.

  1. Queequeg


    I am posting some of my Super V8 setups. I have used most of them in the RDTCC S10 and they are therefore meant for longer races with a pitstop. The exception to that is the Calder setup which is meant for hotlapping.

    The setups are made for someone of intermediate skill level like myself to be able to go fast and be consistent. They typically do feature lively rear ends because that's my preference and it helps combat the inherent understeer of the car, but they don't snap if you have decent throttle control.

    Some of them suffer from a lack of traction out of the slower corners though, especially the Montreal setup. The Montreal one is the only one that I would be making significant changes to if I ran that combination again, for that reason.

    Have at it!

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  2. Rob Fitness

    Rob Fitness

    thanks for sharing... where do we save them too ? :unsure:
  3. PieterN


    Hi Rob, in your player-folder under Userdata is a folder called settings. Each track has it's own folder in there.
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  4. I tried that with someone else's setup but did not show up in game.
  5. Queequeg


    The first line in the file specifies the vehicle class and it must correspond with the vehicle class you are using. For the super V8s it looks like this: VehicleClassSetting="SuperV8"

    Skin packs are treated as vehicle classes in the game, so you might need to change it if you are using a skin pack. For the RDTCC championship skins we were using VehicleClassSetting="RDTCC S10" IIRC. I changed it back to VehicleClassSetting="SuperV8" so you can use it with the default skins in the game. If you are unsure what the signifier is for a certain car, just go in-game, save a setup and check to see which signifier is used for the vehicle class. Then you can copy that into the setup you want to use.

    Also make sure the setup you want to use is actually compatible with the car you want to use it for. Note the difference between Stock V8s and Super V8s in this game;)
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