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Misc SunMod 1.1

A typical mid spring/fall day.

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  2. Thx For SHARING~~
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  3. This looks like what I've been looking for, thanks! I know it is early access and Kunos are still fine tuning, but I've always felt some of the lighting and colors were a bit off depending on the time of day (eg. too much white) .

    Was wondering if you could give a little tutorial on how the parameters in the colorcurves.ini work?
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  4. Thx for liking :thumbsup:

    Sure but consider the fact that those are only my observations, no idea if any of what I'm about to say is true but judging by how I've made it look using those principals it actually may as well be true ;)

    HDR_OFF_MULT - controls the brightness when HDR is disabled

    ANGLE_GAMMA - indirect illumination \ values higher then 1.6 make the bounced light grey and lower make it carry some of the objects color that the light bounced of

    [HORIZON], [SKY], [SUN] and [AMBIENT] are the light sources, that's clear I think but here's how they are controlled

    [SUN] for eg. the HIGH value controls the base color of light so you want this to be almost white - 255, 253, 234 - this will give you the white kinda yellowish looking light but you want the sun to acutally look like a sun so you pick a very yellow, almost red looking color like 255, 140, 27 and the you adjust how much of it to add using the last value, the three first are the color and the last is the amount of it.
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  5. Cool thank you. I'm going to mess around with this.

    On a different note I wonder If Kunos can replicate GT5 lighting, cos that is sublime.
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  6. Joel


    Phenomenal job! Great!!!
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  7. Thx, I agree :p.
  8. Deleted question. Just discovered what I need to do.

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