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Suggestions for Mustang setup at Laguna (very very) Seca? :-D

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Emilio, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. Yo guys!
    Since I'm a total donkey with setups that exceed setting the brake bias and camber... :roflmao: do you have any hints to dispense that could help me setting the car to be more stable accelerating out of turns?
    It's so dang easy to spin! :mad:
  2. to feel the difference, you can start from using traction by 30% and then lower. Also soften rear bump, increase differential lock to 50% and more with coast at 40% for example, and dont push too hard throttle :D
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  3. Thanks @Serj I'll try that then... 'tis a really galloping horse!
  4. Well I think I can call myself satisfied for tonight: from #202 to #69 isn't that bad! ;)
  5. nice!
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  6. ... on a side note I can definitely say the difference with this and the "new" FFB is really tangible. WTTC and ADAC cars are absolutely another planet in terms of feeling. I hope they'll update them soon!

    Anyway I found Laguna to be really technical... I'm not sure if I like it that much...it's quite unforgiving and serious. A bit too much for me
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  7. Connor Caple

    Connor Caple
    Slowest Racer in Town...

    I've had Seca in a few other sims and it's a circuit I really like. I may have to buy that one and have a go at it.

    EDIT: Well, thanks to some setup help from @Emilio Collavino I managed to get that beast around Laguna Seca and moved up from 750+ on the board to 581 after many attempts.

    It is shocking how hard it is to keep that car on the track when you try to push it through a corner, it felt like NFS at times :laugh: but I got it down to a respectable 1:34.x with the aliens pulling 1:26s. I'll settle for that in a car I can;'t drive. :thumbsup:

    Good find, as that was a great way to try the track out. It's pretty good and, assuming they made it more accurate, it seems some other sims (on console particularly) have got the corkscrew a little bit wrong/too easy.

    That track is definitely on my 'to buy' list now. ;)
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  8. Yeah i agree. I was getting frustrated but still having fun. The lines and how far you can push this car is not easy on that track
    I managed to do 1m 30.332s , Not too bad but i know i can do much better in a lot of places in there.
  9. This is so true... I spun so many times before setting a fair time!
    What I understood from this combo car/track is that you always have to keep as wide as possible, use the whole tarmac (which ends so fast when you accelerate out of a corner!!) and really, REALLY be gentle with the throttle.
    The mustang is quite unforgiving and the so is the track. There's no "rest zone" aside the straight after the last turn.
    Again, I found LS to be too much technical for my taste but I admit it's a great challenging layout... especially for the masochists! :roflmao:
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  10. I found I had to turn earlier that I was use to...if that makes any sense.

    Not sure where or what my time is, but I I was fairly happy with it after a medium and short session. I think I can get a sec off of it, but I am at the point where I wipe out massively trying to make up any time from this point on.
  11. Yes ...tough combo.......but great fun......all the corners are technical, so no rest and the bumps and braking at the top of the hill before the corkscrew is very tricky..... and the Mustang is pretty squirrelly.....I have a long way to go at 1.33:8!
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  12. I have serious shivers when I think that bikes run on that... :confused: PANIC!
  13. Alright I guess I'm done with Laguna: I def need a shower...
    1:28:074 is my best. I think that's my limit with this track/car
    If anyone wanna try it out, this is the setup I used 2014-11-17_00001.jpg Time to hit the sack now.
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  14. Thanks...I'll give that a try!
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  15. YW! ;)
  16. Reviving an old thread.

    I had a Gt2 race online on Laguna Seca and man was it fun. This track is a lot of fun with a car with more grip than the mustang :)
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  17. I tried the DTM 2013 on there...that was fun! They are super fast.
  18. Mmmmh don't tempt me please! I'm just trying to restrain myself from buying everything here... for sure you're not helping with this behavior!!!
  19. ohhh Dtm !!
    Gotta try that combo!
  20. yup awesome combo.
    First on the leaderboard with 1m 19.159s
    Only 8 entry so far. I am sure the Aliens are going to start showing up :p

    Here's the lap in 60fps glory :thumbsup:
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