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Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Stuart Pickering, Apr 22, 2014.

  1. Just installed the new up date 660, number 1 now the game is missing files so it will not even boot up. 2 I have a message stating my subs are up in June. :)

    Did I miss something "like the big GOLD game is complete" ????????????

    I am sorry but I have paid good money for early beta access and then when the game went gold my 1 year subs would kick in.

    The game is nowhere near finished !!! so I have paid to race on a Beta. feeling really let down and will not be renewing.

    Poor form big time, all the messing about transferring this file into this folder etc, still poor graphics as well.

    Shame on them sucking decent hard working people in like that. :poop::poop::poop:
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  2. One could say the game went gold January 2013 when they removed the beta tag. Now it's just another "evolving project" like iRacing. Very few of these indie games have a set "gold date", it's simply not the way games from small studios are made in 2014.

    Also I'm not sure what you mean by nowhere finished. The game works perfectly fine in its current state for league use, the latest patch even improved on the multiplayer collisions which was long running issue. The graphics are ok since the introduction of automatic HDR a few builds ago, not sure what tracks you have been driving on.
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  3. The game has only just improved to ok ish standards 2 months short of a year for my subs. also as you say the graphics are "ok" they are ok not in any sense great at all. dix9 i think big mistake. the feel has always been great but far far too much messing about transferring this file to this folder then update this to this! people just would like to game / sim race without the nonsense of it all! I have kept upto date with it and some nights i get in thinking great practice or race time to find I have sat here up dating / waiting nights gone !! An evolving project requires big updates for more money to improve what should have been done in the first place. Hense the Beta + game we have atm. I cant see it improving much more in the graphics stakes and that is its weak point. far too many titles coming out now with better eye candy to judge your break points etc, it wont take long for them to get the ffb right.

    Plus its uninstalled from my PC now bloody hype rip off MONEY FOR A BETA EVOLVING PROJECT!!!!!

    if they had said this is a beta the game will never hit GOLD fine, but they said pay us money when its GOLD count down will start !!!!!! So its out of BETA !! well at least we should had maxium graphical tracks that look the dogs bollocks ?????????? they all still look ok still hazey really. PS2 form
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  4. You may call it "evolving beta", but it's exactly in the same state as every other modern simulator out there. pCars is not even close to finished in terms of physics, AC speaks about a version 1.0 coming soon, but they don't even have multiplayer or pit stops yet. iRacing was released equally unfinished as rFactor2, the difference is they have been working on it since 2008, but they haven't come out with a "gold version" still. It's the same financial model for all modern simulators, reason is they don't sell very well. The income of masses goes to Gran Turismo / consoles.

    Regarding the graphics, they are good on the recent content such as Silverstone. There is very little difference between rFactor2/pCars/Assetto Silverstone, I can't decide which one looks best.
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  5. Well I have RF2 maxed out graphic wise and its still in my opinion not good enough. For a beta fine but to then ask to re-subcribe nah not on at all. I feel pretty ripped off to be honest. I have had some fun on it but do I feel I have had my monies worth ??? the answer is a resounding NO.
    I have also tried iracing for me that was the worst of the lot although it was about 3 years ago. I am keeping tabs on AC atm to see if they finally produce a game / sim which is complete at launch.
  6. I dunno what game you're playing, as my rF2 build 660 is looking superb, as well as its force feedback being the best I've felt, barring Assetto Corsa perhaps.

    Perhaps you could try a full reinstall, totally from scratch.

    Also, it hasn't been a beta for a long while now, as John-Eric has alluded to.
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  7. I've always thought rF2 looks fine. Some tracks are better than others - Silverstone being a bit crap, but also being the newewst :confused:

    I'm assuming the link above is meant to be for the ISR video? If so, that's not a good video at all. I agree with their comment about rear end grip of GT cars but the rest is pretty poor, and mostly uninformed. They say modern graphics cards are better at DX11 than 9. Erm, OK.
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  8. TeSL9

    Pessimistic (rarely flying) Finn :) Premium Member

    Inside Sim Racing depth look video is a bit sloppy. Why even show the quad bikes? Some of the stuff they say is ok but most of it sounds a bit narrow and not thinked trough. I hope that the next look will be more "practiced"
  9. The Inside Sim Racing critic about physics and FFB was a bit poor. The main critic about FFB was that it didn't feel "strong" enough on their toy wheels, which are way too weak to replicate real forces. They basically cranked the FFB multiplier up to get 100% FFB strength out of every corner, causing serious FFB clipping. From my understanding, a typical real race car only outputs around 50% of max forces in slow corners. This is pretty much what rF2 FFB simulates, but obviously they weren't happy with it.

    The rest of the critic seemed mostly valid. I'd call rF2 a great if not fantastic pure driving simulator, but as a product it's inconsistent. And that's sadly the case with every other modern simulator out there as well...
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  10. Hahaha.

    If you want eye candy, play F1 2013.

    If you want realistic physics and a better actual driving expereience, well, apparently then we can't help you.

    Cheerio. :cool:
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