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Discussion in 'GTR 2' started by Cote Dazur, Dec 2, 2013.

  1. Just took advantage of the rebate on GTR 2, while I can run Race 07 at full video setting, getting hight FPS, smooth as glass, I have constant stutturing with GTR2, even at medium setiing and my FPS are in the 90's.
    Any advice as a particular set up to GTR2
    My rig runs AC, DTM experience, witthout issues. Their is something special about GTR2!
  2. Also, Use VSYNC. Preferably NVidia Adaptive, if a possibility.
  3. Thank you Richard, tried changed affinity to all cpu's and no changes to the stuttering.:(
    Vsync in game adjustemnt makes also no difference
    OS: Window 7 Ultimate, 32 bit, Apple G5 ( Macpro 1,1), Processor Intel(r) X4 5150 @ 2.66Ghz, Memory 2.00Gb, Graphics ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series, Gaming Graphics Memory 512 MB
  4. You have high fps however? If you vsync, can you measure and see that it caps it to 60 or so?

    I feel the ram is a bit on the low side as well as cpu. Can you force the sync in ati drivers?

    Also, it is a mac there, so you may not rule out that as a source of issues.
  5. When I vsync at. 60 it stays there .
    Again I am fine with other sims some much more recent, so I doubt it is the rig.

    My screen refresh rate is 85 hz, this is what I usualy use.
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  6. Transferred GTR2 from one hard drive to an other and the stuttering is gone!
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