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Strange slowdown from qualy to race in Oschersleben

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by krank, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I need your help in a strange issue for Race 07. I'm in a WTCC 2007 championship with a Chevy 2007 model, currently trying to race in the 8th track, Oschersleben.

    During qualification I only managed to reach a 1:40.5xx hot lap, which sorted me to near the end of the grid. However I decided to not to start qualification over to get a more interesting race, and I was sure the weak time is because I have 80+kg weight in my car.

    And then, for no apparent reason, my car become a lot slower in the race, slower than the ampunt of fuel difference would reason. Let me tell you some examples: during practice and qualification, using short gears, in the finishing straight and in the back straight I could switch to gear 6 and almost reach the rev limit, at least, depending on how I could hit the previous turn. After the beginning of the second sector, with the shorter straight and the two left turns before the big right I could switch up to gear 5 and get close to rev limit.

    In the race I cannot even reach the rev limit (I mean not the actual limit but when you need to gear up) in gear 5 in the long straights, and cannot switch to 5 in sector 2. Also, actually all cars pass me in these straights. To sum, the best lap time in race was 1:49.x, 9 seconds more than in qualy!

    First I thought it is the fuel difference (I usually set fuel for 6 laps during qualy/practice), but fuel for 4 laps should not make so much difference. I also tried the race with fuel for 6 laps (as in qualy) to see if it is fuel difference, but not: the car became the same slow. But to make sure, I have configured even shorter gears, but practically I could not set so sort gears which would allow me to swtich up to gear 6.

    I have not changed anything between qualy and race, but only fuel.

    Do you have any tips what may cause my car slowing down so much? At this point I'd like to check it is not some bug in the game.

  2. Dennis Phelan

    Dennis Phelan
    more about staying on track. Premium Member

    In options/Controls, can you see the throttle moving completely to max in the test strip?
    Does the strip for brakes show at all?
    In replay, can you see brake lights coming on or staying on?
    Check in your Logitech Profiler or whatever for your wheel and check for proper calibration.
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  3. Hi Dennis, thanks for the answer. I'll perform these checks, however I see no reason for why these might became incorrect. I mean I had no problem till this race event with the wheel and settings, and I even did not exit the game between qualy and race; it was one of those rare times when I immediatelly start the race after Q. But I will check this, though I did not sense anything special, I mean, throttle is max when pedal is to the metal, same with brake. I'll also check the replay and will give share the results.
  4. I can't believe! Dennis, you are fantastic! Indeed, the brake lights were continuously on during the race, as the playback showed. I don't know what happened to the game settings or the wheel, but when changing from Q to race, the behavior of the brake has changed. When I opened the advanced controller menu of the game, I experienced the game shows about 25% percent pressure for the released brake pedal. To make the bar show 0% when the pedal is actually released, I had to set up an incredible 41% of deadzone, but it works.

    Do you think my device may have encountered some problems and it is what causes this bad need for the high deadzone?

    Anyway, I have won both races, and one of the trophies should go to you. :)
  5. Tim Ling

    Tim Ling
    It's a million-to-1 chance, but it just might work Premium Member

    What pedals do you have krank? Sometimes the pots on G25/27's need cleaning out as they get full of dust & dirt
  6. I have a 10+ yrs old Logitech Momo, and actually I have cleaned the pedals some weeks ago. Shame on me, but it was the first time I realized it might need some cleaning. :)

    So, physically the pedal looks okay, the springs (I guess the pedals have springs) seem to be tight, and seemingly there are no obstacles preventing it to slide back. Since I'm not that technical and mechanical engineering kind, I don't dare to disassemble it to clean more accurately.
  7. Most likely pot realigning/clean-up issue. Check those monthly or when you experience these issues. One thing i can confirm, it's not the game, it's the equipment. I got data to proof that with 95% grip i achieved a PB on a custom track just because i thought i had 105% (modding is fun etc).

    It's all in your mind and gradually degrading controller problems can sneak up unsuspectingly. As a driver we get used to it, we fix things with setup and driving behavior/tactics. If i had to guess, you've had that issue a long time, gradually consuming your ability to perform and it finally dropped to realms out of imagination and confidence, where driver is out of loop and conditions dictate. Happened to me.

    Driver behavior and confidence is about 95% of the performance. If your're equipment is fading (doesn't mean they are useless, clean up, some contact sprat and air duster etc can save you a big penny) it's hard do judge what part of the equation fails.

    Dennis did pick out the real culprit fast.. .. But i suspect his been thru some wheels ;)
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  8. Thanks for the tips. Actually I'm seeking for someone to disassemble and reassemble my wheel, since the wheel's rudder got loosen on moves up/don on the stand. If I find the right man, I'll ask him to disassemble the pedal unit too, to clean it properly. And you are right, performance become worse and worse over time, but I thought it's due to the extra weights I've got time to time. :)